V-Diet 1.5

Well I want to say round two, but failed my last attempt at a V-Diet/protein shake diet.

A little over a year ago I was motivated to do a protein shake diet, but figured any ole protein would do. I tried it for a week on regular Whey and a complex protein mixture.
Turned out to be a train wreck. I realize now why regular whey does not support you alone.

With the V-Diet plan clear and precise these days I figured I’d like to get an early start on 2010 and V-Diet now before the holidays.

I’m on day 3 now and doing well. Craving PIZZA, but not caving into temptations.
Just wrapped up the NEPA and V-burn challenge for the day.

I enjoy all the Metabolic Drive flavors. Feel much better over all in between shakes
drinking Metabolic Drive over regular Whey I tried in the past.
Original Surge is an odd flavor, but adding no sugar kool-aid flavoring to it makes it better.
Also I add cherry and orange kool-aid to Vanilla Metabolic Drive.
Flameout went up in price (bummer)…but man that’s a great product!!!

My goals:
of course lose weight
lower fat%
be more agile, run easier
feel better
and mainly just to get back into a routine

photos and stats to come…(soon)

****want to add that for the last two weeks I’ve been having protein shakes (Metabolic Drive)
for breakfast, lunch, mid day meals. On full version of v-diet now…seems like forever.
ready for a solid meal!

Day 4
really hungry this morning. had a banana shake
little to no muscle soreness.

Just want to eat eggs, spinach and turkey!

Mmm, eggs… Keep up the good work bro. You’re doing great. Whats your HSM gonna be?

grilled chicken
jasmin rice
and a mixed greens salad with italian dressing

one thing I forgot to note: temptations.

Of course starting the V-Diet right before halloween and being surrounded by candy everywhere! Well actually, candy isn’t appealing all that much to me.

One thing, there was a party thrown for a co-worker last week. Day one of my diet.

Pizza, salad, cupcakes covered the table.
A slice of pepperoni pizza looked so good.
The salad with ranch was making me drool.
And the cupcakes, well…were a little bit tempting.

The thing is, there’s some heavier people here at work. When it came time for cupcakes
one of the ladies (cupcake in hand) said to me to not pass up a cupcake. To indulge yourself…don’t deprive yourself in a very compassionate tone. Justifying her own actions
of eating a cupcake. I’m sure you guest, she’s not skinny, or fit.

Reality is too harsh for some, but I wish I could smack their eyes open! Instead I smirk
and politely tell them I’m fine with my choice to skip out on the cupcakes and candy.
Pizza on the other hand…I walked away

Hallowe’en night was my final day before beginning the V-Diet. The GF and I did the “Fright Night” at the local exhibition grounds. Lotsa fun to be had, great displays, rides, haunted houses… good times. So, my final “crap meal” was a terrible slice of fairground pizza! I love pizza but this, as you can imagine, was a real let down!

My cravings? Steak and broccoli! I’m sure that obsessing about the HSM on Day 2 probably isn’t such a good sign… so, I’ll stop… right now… okay, now…


I was just in the break room.

saw a print out for Pizza Hut - coupons.

really want to pin it up on the wall
here at work!

I’ve got three more days until my HSM
and it’s always on my mind.

No Pizza-Hut!!!
I want peas with the grilled chicken, jasmine rice and broccoli…Don’t forget some berries to top it off at the end!

feeling good today…

enjoying the walks
and the workouts…challenging, but
not kicking my butt. slight soreness from them.

I’m figuring out the weights now.
writing notes on difficulty level, or
if I need to increase weight on the next workout.

energy levels are high.
having trouble falling asleep at night.
not sure what I’m taking late in the evening that keeping me awake. Surge?
note: not taking HOT-ROX…

got on the scale - started at 230lbs
now at 221lbs in five days.

I’ll grill some chicken tonight… :slight_smile:

day six.

had a HSM last night
grilled chicken breast
1/2 cup of jasmin rice

later 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive vanilla with six raspberries, and six blueberries - hmmmm…

workouts going well…steadily increasing weights

NEPA walks are challenging to fit in, but glad I’m doing them. On the treadmills I set it on random, intervals…

last night’s HSM is making me want more food again!

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