V - Chooky's Log

Day 1 has finished, started Sunday 7th Feb.

Beginning Stats:

Height: 155cm
Weight: 136.8

Neck: 32cm
Shoulders: 103cm
Above Bust: 84cm
Bust: 95cm
Below Bust: 80cm
Naval: 80cm
Hips (top of pubic bone): 94cm
Largest section of butt: 98cm
Biceps: left-31cm
right - 32cm
Thighs (largest section): Left-59cm
Right-57cm (man that’s a big diff)
Calf: both 35.5cm
Ankles: both 21.5cm

I’m 38, female and doing it without HOT-ROX (banned in aus), to compensate I’m stacking Carbolin 19 and se7en. I’ve been consistently lifting for past couple of years, but surgery the week before christmas meant no lifting for 6 weeks (seems okay now but still need to be careful - was an upper ab hernia and they had to cut in rather than keyhole so downtime was longer). Got back into the gym a week and a half ago, and carrying a few extra kilos (no gym, surgery and christmas not a good mix).

Day one was cruisy - just nepa (walk with dogs) as will be doing weights mon, wed, fri. Taking a little time to get used to the taste - it is very sweet and I’m a sweet tooth! My big challenge with be the food - still have to cook and prepare stuff for kids (and hubbie) - as a family we have a healthy diet, my biggest issue is nibbles and lollies - and i’m hoping this will assist in dealing with that.

Day two - hit the gym this morning - my workouts are always in the morning (6am) to work around the family.

My weights are pretty little - but as long as there is improvement I’m cool with that.

Front Squat: 10kg on olympic bar 5/5/5/5 will have to up that weight.
Lat Pull down: 41kg 5/ 45kg 5/ 50kg 5/ 50kg 5 - again playing with weights
DB Bench Press: 10kg 5/ 12.5kg 5/5/5 should go up with this but need to be careful of shoulder problems
swissball roll out (subs for ab wheel) one set of 20 - probably need to go a little harder on this.

I was going to go with beginners (because I’d been out for 6 weeks) but switched to intermediate - I often am too easy on myself and question how heavy I can go - this should give me that push I need to go a little harder.

Biggest eating challenge today was really wanting the crusts of the vegemite sandwich my youngest had for lunch. mmm fresh wholemeal bread - realised I was a little hungry and hadn’t had second shake - easy fixed - went and had a shake. We will see how dinner goes.

I should mention that my weight is 136 pounds not kilos - everything else is measured in metric, but weight I measure in pounds as I don’t have emotional attachments to the numbers - with kilos I have a notion of what i should be - but that notion doesn’t hold as much muscle as I would like so it’s pretty unrealistic - don’t have any of that with pounds.

Dinner has happened and I made kids and hubbie some yummy steak, salad and a couple of steamed vegies, normal dinner in our house but man it smelt and looked good - I made myself busy talking with family and cleaning up, feeding dogs etc - all so I was still with them in the kitchen over dinner (I value family time over dinner) but not at the table. Worked tonight so seems like a good tactic.

Did 30min walk this morning but still need to try and fit in another 30mins tonight - running out of time, will figure out something though.

Day 3 drawing to a close - bit tough today - I wanted food. I found that I was hungry (not the type where you think you are but you really aren’t) - when I’m hungry my tummy grumbles and my head grumbles, usually my head grumbles first. When I’m bored I also like to think I’m hungry - the starting symptoms are the same - my head grumbles but when I’m bored it’s not followed 30mins later by my tummy grumbling. That is my learning today - head grumbles for food and boredom are the same.

Did nepa early at the gym this morning, this is my one break from the plan, I’m continuing my spin classes - I love them, been doing them for the past year and a bit, there are a source of support, motivation and a reason for getting my butt out of bed in the morning. I did compromise by taking it a bit easier than usual.

So I’m getting past day 3, I’m happy about that - I was worried about being one of those logs that posts once or maybe twice then fade into oblivion. Whilst I completely understand it, I don’t want to be it.

My mornings are always strong and steady - even when I’m tired I don’t have a problem getting up (I love workouts, and the time to myself - it’s a habit that is easy to maintain for me). My hardest part of the day is always the afternoon - I’m generally a little tired, kids are at me, have to get dinner ready etc etc - what I really need to do is prepare myself for this and develop strategies to deal with it - this isn’t just a ‘v’ thing, it’s my downfall when I’m eating healthy too.

Anyway workout this morning;
Warm up - 6min elliptical
reverse lunge 9kg- 8/8/8/8/8
Bent Over row 9kg- 8/8/8/8/8
Push Press 8kg - 8/8/7/7/6/4- I have some shoulder problems and work to pain levels rather than how heavy I can go
Barbell Curls 17.5kg 8/ 15kg 6/6/6/7/7 - not sure if I should have dropped the weight but getting in 8 reps on the first set was a struggle, maybe next week I’ll stay at 17.5kg.
Reverse Crunch 20/20
Cool down 6 min walk

I have yoga tonight so that will be my nepa - hatha yoga class goes for about 1.5 hrs but the last 20 mins is relaxation stuff - great recovery stuff.

My toughest day in the matrix yet - work today where of course we have lollies for staff and clients. We tried stopping them for awhile but we had complaints - well those who pay us are important to keep happy - and everyone else seems to have no problem in not eating them (just me) so it was a huge thing for me to sit there and not eat one - not one!!!

Am I proud of myself - you betcha. Then thursday is treat day for my kids - nana is here for the day and always buys them a treat (sometimes little lollie, sometimes a little toy) and buys take-away for dinner - when I’m eating I usually choose either thai or korean as I find there are some decent choices - with me not eating tonight they got to choose - fish and chips - (actually it was really chicken souvlaki, potato cakes and a few chips) - oh my god I thought I was going to die .

Funny thing is - I didn’t die because I couldn’t have a little taste, I am still alive. MMMM interesting learning - I will not die if I don’t have a taste - wow. I’m still REALLY looking forward to a good meal on sunday.

So I’m at the end of day 5, workouts are great, brain is a little foggy from low carbs and only two days until my healthy meal. Hey I’m doing this!!

Yoga last night was pure bliss - absolutely love it and love how my body feels the next day!

nepa in form of spin this morning - forgot to take it easy - had stacks of energy and blitzed it. Have to say I’m knackered tonight though - think it will be an early one for me.

off to consume M5 then hitting the sack…

Hey chooky! Good job not giving in on the fish and chips. It can be difficult at times, can’t it? You’ll get used to the low carbs. My worst day was Day 3, personally, and it improved beyond that. Now I’m on Day 11 and it’s just part of the routine, now - but I’m definitely still looking forward to my second HSM!! Have you decided what your first is going to be yet?

Thanks Nici - I was sooooo grumpy - my first HSM is Sunday dinner - we are having friends over for a barbie and will be barbequed meat, salad and I’ll probably do some roasted mediteranian veggies for carb, fruit platters for desert (as it’s valentines day may make some little cupcakes for the kids with icing to suit the theme) - my mouth is watering just thinking of it…

Workout this morning was not bad - was a little tired, and a few muscles were a bit sore (good sore not bad sore though).

Deadlift (using olympic bar) - 10kg-8, 15kg -8/8/8/8
Decline Bench Press - 10kg-8, 12.5kg-8/7/7/6/5 (counted wrong and did a bonus one)
Assisted pull up - 43kg - 8/8/8/6/6/4
Hand Walkout 8/8/8/8/ - aren’t these little gems

I was a little disappointed with the pull up - was doing much better than this a few months ago. But the again I do it on an empty stomach, I know bad move but I’ve tried half shakes etc and result is negligible - I was doing bcaa during workouts prior to this, but the the Surge afterwards I’m not sure if this would be overkill. I loved the bcaa during workouts and will head back to that after this program.

Also think the se7en and carb stack is pretty good - muscles are harder to touch - very strange to feel this difference and I’m sure it’s not in my head, I guess alternatively it could be less fat on top of them.

agh missed nepa today - although day was active (walking kids into school, piggybacking 3yo everywhere, shopping, clean the house, running a few blocks to catch the dog that got let out, walking up and down street with kids on bikes) would have been nice to go for a walk but fridge crashed during my planned walk time - by the time we figured out it was the fridge causing our power to go out was too late. Thank god tomorrow is sat - will have time for pm walk - v-burn planned for morning.

Was thinking I was on day 5 but am actually on day 6 - my first little milestone to myself is once I’m under 20 days. Getting a little tired of shakes and hate the thought of having to drink them - but when I do they are not as bad as I imagine - but will stay in the matrix for now - hubbie calls it my matrix diet - same slop every day, but provides all the essentials.

Day 6 is over!!

Had a good day today - am so looking forward to tomorrow’s meal that I could wet myself!!

Did a 40min walk this morning which was nice - middle one at ballet and as I didn’t have the other two with me it was lovely to walk along a walking track - it’s a great track, you are in the city but feels like you’re out country - saw heaps of rosella’s which was cool.

Ended up doing v-burn to escape lunch with the in-laws, they come ladden with stuff every sat. When I got home I put the pieces of chocolate which were set out on a place in a container with a lid and once I saw lunch being set out I quickly disappeared to the gym saying I would eat later - worked no questions asked (sigh of relief).

v-burn was good - was totally knackered afterwards. I ended up doing the first circuit of push ups without the clap but with a little jump, following sets were just push ups (all from toes) and hand walkout was done from the knees. Did jumping jacks rather than skips and 10reps total each exercise (not 10 per side on two sided stuff) which was how I interpreted it. TOTAL TIME; 23min 21sec - there is room for improvement as I will make more of the push ups with jumps and take the hand walk from the toes. I could probably go a bit lower with the push ups (ie nose to floor) - this things will not reduce my time so much but show as example of improved stamina and strength. May quicken the time with less drinks and not checking to see which exercise came next - will see how next week is. Followed it up with a 20min walk on the treadmill - was a nice cool down, then a lot of stretching. Was a ripper of a workout!

Eating good although I missed a shake today - wasn’t hungry and just couldn’t stomach it.

Day 7 is just about over - said to hubbie tonight - just not sure I’ll be able to go for 28 days, it’s really tough - he assured me that I could if I wanted - it was very similar to when our third child was born and I said 'I just don’t want to do this again, I think I want an epidural"(no I have absolutely nothing against epidurals but I hadn’t had one yet and the thought of one scared the shit out of me and I didn’t want it), he assured me I could do it and it was what I wanted - whilst I wanted to slap him he was right and I did.

21 more days to go.

Hey, chooky! Thanks for the support. Feel like I need all I can get. Glad to hear that your hubbie is supportive, like mine. I think that having someone right there to encourage you and be proud of you helps keep you going. That said, I’m proud of you! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Thanks ahesia!!!

Agh I wrote this all in but accidently bumped reset and lost it oh well. Good day but am struggling with the shakes and hunger - I only had breakfast shake this morning (later than normal) then didn’t have anything until dinner, similar problem yesterday - managed 3 shakes but just couldn’t fit any more in.

As for weigh in:

Weight: 136.8/132.8

Neck: 32cm/32
Shoulders: 103cm/102
Above Bust: 84cm/83.5
Bust: 95cm/93
Below Bust: 80cm/80
Naval: 80cm/78
Hips (top of pubic bone): 94cm/91
Largest section of butt: 98cm/97
Biceps: left-31cm/30.5
right - 32cm/30.5
Thighs (largest section): Left-59cm/57.5
Right-57cm (man that’s a big diff)/57.5
Calf: both 35.5cm/35.5
Ankles: both 21.5cm/21.5

All good.

HSM today - have to fess up - I ate 5 water crackers and 6 squares of choccie, and and some diet lemon,lime & bitters (not sure where the diet stands on soft drinks - don’t drink them normally so never bothered me). Other than that- mmm was delicious - grilled chicken, salad, tomato and bocconcini and basil salad and yummy fruit platter.

Well that’s day 8 down, only 20 more to go. Feel more refreshed to go on with it tomorrow and sending all leftovers into work with hubbie except a bit of cake and chocolate into school lunches.

Here’s to week 2!

Day 9

Nice workout this morning, as I do workouts early morning I often wonder whether my weights on things would improve if I was able to workout later in the day, not that’s it’s really an option but interesting to wonder.

Front Squat (olympic barbell) 15kg 5/5/5/5
Lat Pull Down (under grip) 50kg 5/5/5/5
DB Bench Press 15kg 5/4/4/4 just got too heavy and switched down to 12.5kg and did 4
Swiss ball roll out (from toes) 10/10

All good but had to swap everything around as benches were taken and lat pull down was taken when I needed to do them, no drama still got done. Followed up with 30min treadmill walk 1% incline (to try and match to outside walking).

Back to shakes - must say they are much easier to do when I’ve eaten a good meal - only 7 days till the next one rather than 8 as was this week. Now off to have my lunchtime shake.

End of day 9 and cannot believe how much easier it was today - I’m slowly telling people what I’m doing (just close friends) and lucky for me they are supportive and used to my obsessions with fitness and health. Glad I kept on going when I wanted to give up the other day as I’m feeling really positive about it. It’s that whole wave thing- motivation is never a smooth easy sail, like the ocean there are ups and downs and sometimes we just need to learn to surf those waves a little better.

[quote]chooky wrote:
End of day 9 and cannot believe how much easier it was today - I’m slowly telling people what I’m doing (just close friends) and lucky for me they are supportive and used to my obsessions with fitness and health. Glad I kept on going when I wanted to give up the other day as I’m feeling really positive about it. It’s that whole wave thing- motivation is never a smooth easy sail, like the ocean there are ups and downs and sometimes we just need to learn to surf those waves a little better.


It’s a cruise once you get over the first week! How are you finding the shakes? Did you get all the flavours? I find it really helps having that variety, and you can certain flavours together too. I just discovered the joys of cinnamon!

Chooky, kudos on spreading the word. I’m just starting and have only mentioned it to a couple people and usually have to listed to their 30 min lecture on how to diet. I admit that I have been judgmental on diets like this in the past, but am looking forward to the challenge. I think I was sold on how the diet “breaks bad habits”. We’ll see in the end.

Anyway, thanks for keeping up with the journal. Even though many may not comment, I’ve spent enough time reading everyone’s to know that it is helping me stay motivated and I imagine it helps others also.

Dan - by the end of last week the thought of a shake made my stomach churn - yet after my hsm on sunday night, they are suddenly quite palatable. I didn’t go the strawberry as I’m not a big fan of strawberry flavour (you know the choc vs strawberry Big M thing - I’m a chocolate girl). But I’ve got vanilla and choc. I love cinnamon too, and mixed spice. I’ll come over and check on how your transition is going.

ngarufi - funny - I avoid the lecture by saying from the start it’s a bizarre food plan without food, which is far from starvation and designed to maintain my muscle, in fact as I’m not overweight I tell people that it’s not necessarily about weight loss but about behavioural change to my approach to food (as I’m a psych they back down after that). so with you on loving people’s journal’s I too find them a big source of inspiration and motivation.

Day 10

My non weight day today - I sure do miss that Surge on those days. I did my regular spin class this morning and have to say I hit the fastest speed I’ve ever hit - totally stoked! Also a walk with my youngest to the nearby little supermarket - yeah it’s probably more than what I needed but life is not just about me - can’t say to kids ‘no we can’t bike there, or go for a walk to the nearby soccer ground because mum has had enough exercise today’.

I’ve also figured out that I mostly like the shakes with more water, flavours not so strong then and taste better. But still love to occasionally put a ton of ice in the blender and made a chocolate shake so it’s thick enough to eat with a spoon - this works best on a non linseed or Superfood shake though.

Day 11

Ho hum today - still relatively early and have a moment so though I’d post today’s workout. I’m missing my morning coffee with a splash of milk - I’ve been trying black coffee and whilst I can drink it the enjoyment factor isn’t as high.

Reverse lunge 9kg(each hand) 8/8/8/8/8
DB Bent Over Row 9kg (each hand) 8/8/8/8/8 (could probably push this up to 10kg next time)
Push Press-db 8kg each hand 8/8/8/8/8 only just managed to get the last ones in - shoulder was starting to hurt a little
Barbell Curl - 15kg 8/7/66/6/5/2 I really focus on isolation with this as I see too many using their whole body to get the bloody thing up to their shoulders.
Reverse Crunch 20/10/10

20min treadie walk

Overall a good workout - I couldn’t remember the rest periods and forgot to write in my diary so kept it at 35sec, should have been 40 - man those extra five seconds would have been nice but not to worry.

Yoga tonight and the bod and mind are surely looking forward to it.

Learning that you have a bit of willpower is a great thing - prior to this I was really questioning my ability to say no to various foods - now I know that it’s really a choice - and one that I have full control over.

what a crappy day - after the comments on willpower - mine collapsed today. I’ve licked my fingers after making a banana cake with choc icing for the kids (we are taking big ol honkin lick here), AND I’ve eaten a couple of pieces of kabana, an olive and a slice of artichoke. Why I ask myself. Well a couple of reasons, firstly today I’ve been hungry and have barely felt full all day (not sure what that’s about), secondly I’m tired (kids up through the night, still up early etc etc) and thirdly the kids are driving me a little crazy. I remember feeling this way at some stage last week - sometimes it’s really hard to not eat food when you still have to prepare x3meals and x2 snacks per day for three kids and dinner for hubbie. I know this grumpiness will pass, and luckily I’m out at yoga tonight so will not even be near the kitchen. Just have to get through preparing them all dinner and I’ll be through today.

I debated whether to fess up - heck nobody else seems to ever slip up, but my results will be a reflection of what I’ve done and not done - I want them to be accurate.

Well my whinge is over, I’ll stop making excuses, I’ll stop complaining and I’ll just suck it up.

My husband & I will be 10 days behind you. We’re starting today. Not going to start a log. . .not yet anyway. Don’t want any fingerpointing if we fail. Continue the great effort!

Chooky, I feel your pain on this one. You’re further along than I am and I’m already feeling the pull just from being around others eating without the challenge of having to prepare meals. The smell of popcorn last night just about brought me down…

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