V-Burn Challenge Sticky?

As the training section seems to be getting longer and longer. Is anyone interested in having a V-Burn Specific thread for results and motivation as well as FAQ’s if need be?

I just completed my 1st challenge and Holy Crap!

I have taken about 2 years off and had tons of excuses why. Needless to say I have done the velocity diet in the past and am ecstatic that it came into my life when it did. The time was now! It was time for a personal renaissance.

It took me 38 minutes and some change, and really showed me how far I let things go. I completed all circuits, and struggled due to soreness from workouts earlier in the week and low energy. But got it knocked out! The time will improve next week I am certain!

Keep up the good work everyone and thanks Chris and Chad. Everyone, do what I plan on doing and make a disappointing 1st V-Burn Challenge fuel the fire for the next time you face each other!

It’s great to hear someone had a little trouble with this. Everywhere I look, people are saying they did it in ridiculous times.

Then I go out and see 18 minutes for the first 3 circuits LOL

I’m actually an ex-smoker (10 years), so things aren’t as easy now, but I couldn’t even finish the entire challenge the first time around… couldn’t catch my breath!

haha…it took me almost 42 minutes to complete my first V-Burn, and i’m no stranger to the bodyweight circuits with “no” rest! it’s been several months, though, since i’ve done the fast paced training so i am definitely out of shape. i didn’t have too much trouble with the weight workouts, but the V-Burn sure was humbling! i’m gonna ask my bf to play drill seargent next time. he’s good at that and it will surely keep me moving :wink:

It was brutal. I guess I would consider myself having above average strength, but I tell ya… It was rough. The no rest periods coupled with previous muscle soreness really whacked me.

I am looking forward to this weeks results.

How did you finish clenard? So long as you got all the circuits in, you did the right thing!

i dropped my time by 10 minutes on week 2! woohoo! it was still HARD, but a great improvement :slight_smile:

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