V-burn challenge advanced 7 circuits = waaaaw

Whats up V-Crew… I’m on my second go round on the V-Diet prepping for summer, or should I say “life”. This time I have probably about 10-12 lbs to lose to be in the single digit BF realm. Out of all the aspects of this diet/training, it is the V-Burn Challenge I dread the most. Why, cause its nuts. Okay, okay I’ll stop the whining.

However I’m 33 and consider myself in good cardio/training shape. I do this workout at a moderate pace, making sure I don’t burn out too early. I rest between every exercise till the heart rate comes down a bit…and I’m not hitting failure on any of the exercises. I do come close to failure towards the end though, but no total failure. (I have modified the handstand push up to the pike push up, as I’m out on the track completing the workout.)

At the end, I am burnt. Period. Did the guys make this too challenging??? Nah its just my body weight muscle endurance probably sucks…as this is my first V-burn workout in 6 months. I believe the next 5 V-burns will not tax me as hard!

As long as you shoot to improve each time, you’re golden.

My basic idea behind having a V-Burn is to get a good non-weight-training workout in of course, but also to show V-Dieters how performance will improve each week as excess fat - the biggest performance DECREASER of all time -is lost.

So, although Waterbury’s V-Burn is very tough, try to think of it as a celebration of your new and improved physicality. Challenge yourself. Beating your previous time each week can be a huge high.

Edit/Note: I would like to provide some new V-Burn options in the future though. Not sure how many people are actually doing handstand push-ups! Still, if they’re out of breath and pushing it hard, the workout will be effective.

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