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I started the V-Diet back in August and had to end it abruptly for reasons I won’t get in to. It’s been one of the most difficult years of my life. We’ll just say that.

I set a goal date to start the V-Diet because I had some weddings to attend and I didn’t want to be “That guy” walking around slugging shakes in a tux and picking at the catering for a suitable HSM. I did however start dieting back a lot, cutting carbs down quite a bit, intermittent fasting, etc. So I started losing a little just as I got into my V-Diet GO date that started 10/11/17.

Thus far my experience has been different…maybe it’s because I had already done the first week before…and I had a routine and knew what to expect. I didn’t experience anywhere near the amount of hunger I had the first time. Honestly I haven’t struggled with it at all. If anything I don’t even want my HSM, but I eat it anyway, and it tastes good.

Training had less troubleshooting due to a prior run through of the advanced lifting. The only lift I have not been able to do correctly is the Overhead Squat. I just don’t seem to have the mobility for it. I practiced with an empty bar and I keep wanting to come up on my toes to keep my balance. I placed a set of 25’s on each side thinking I could practice with a load on the bar…still couldn’t do it right and ended up tweaking my back. It’s a me issue, I’ll have to figure it out and do some mobility exercises, yoga, stretches, or something. Today I gave up on the overhead squat packed 315 on the bar and did standard squats 5 for 20reps at 30seconds.

I still have alot of stress going on right now with my family. If anything the shakes have made it alot easier to cope. I don’t have an appetite. I don’t have to think about it though, I just make a shake and move on. In a full out emergency I have a packet of microwaveable rice, veggies, and 3 packets of tuna.

I think preparing for the V-Diet is another key to success that isn’t mentioned. Maybe not for everyone, but I’m a list maker and a scheduler so being prepared made it almost easy thus far.

Started out 245lb on 10/11, down to 234 on 10/16. Will be doing measurements on Wednesday to see how much loss their has been.

Think I may order Brain Candy and see if that can get me through the funk.

Play with your stance width. With overhead squats, you generally can’t keep your feet as close as with a back squat. Many people start with a PVC pipe or broomstick to drill the movement, so there’s seriously nothing wrong with practicing them super-light. If you can do 2 or 3 with decent form, then that’s your 2-3RM, even if it’s an empty bar or whatever.

If you sub out exercises, still stick with the total rep approach. 20 total reps with a 4-5RM, not 5x20.

Sounds like you’re seeing pretty solid progress otherwise. Check those measurements and keep on track.

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Thanks for the feedback. I did talk to one of the lifting coaches I know, and he also suggested the PVC pipe and even suggested placing your back flat against a wall while practicing the form (if you’re still struggling). You’re absolutely right…I had my feet way too close together, and my grip way too narrow. I’m going to try that out on Saturday and Sunday after my challenge so it doesn’t interrupt Monday’s training.

I explained the sub out exercise wrong. it was 4-5Reps for a total of 20 in 4 or 5 sets I think. Seemed light but at 40second rest intervals it wiped me out pretty well towards the end.

Measurement updates are as follows after one week… and corrections to my last post because I tried to do it by memory instead of looking at my chart:
Down 10lbs to 233lb
Down .25" on neck
Down 1" on chest
Down .75" on naval waist measurement
DOWN 1.5" on lower waist measurement

Lost .5" on both calves and strangely .5" on my upper right arm only
no other changes. I’m slightly above average lean just about everywhere else. Striated quads just seem strange when you have an extra couple inches of fat around your midsection.

Brain Candy arrived today. I can’t wait to throw that into the mix.
I feel good, and energized. I get hungry occassionaly but it’s usually 30min prior to time for a shake anyway.
Hunger doesn’t wake me up or anything, I may try cutting down one scoop on that last shake at night to dial it in. I feel asleep early one night and didn’t get my shake. I paid for that dearly the next training day; that pretty much tells me I’m right where I need to be for just below maintenance.

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I’ll be following along with your log man. Stick to it!

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Hey man, how’s that Brain Candy working out?

I’m trying to determine my supplement needs once I come off V-Diet and thinking about throwing that in.

Would love to hear your feedback/results with it.

I was gonna wait till Wednesday to post everything when I do my measurements and weigh in. The Brain Candy, unfortunately did absolutely nothing for me, my son, or my wife. I had the non-caffeine version. I did that for two reasons…I wanted to still be able to have my coffee without going overboard on stimulants, and two, I wanted to benchmark the product on it’s claims without relying soley on the caffiene in it. A lot of folks said it has done wonders for them, I think that’s awesome. I hope it continues to work well for them…but for me it was a total bust. I have about 10 of them left I may just sell. I haven’t looked into see if Biotest has a guarantee on it. If so I’d likely see if I could just send it back and get credit and buy more plazma. So far ALL of the other Biotest products I’ve used have lived up to the hype.

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Thanks man.

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Down 15lbs total in 14 days
neck down to 17.25" from 18"
Chest down to 46.25" from 47.5
1" off the waist down to 40"
1.5" off of my waist line to 38.5
Both quads still 25" and 26" so no mass lost in muscle. The skin on my quads is already dick skin thin.

Upper arms unflexed 15.5 and my right one has lost almost 3/4 of an inch…very odd.
Calves remain 16.75"

HSM was amazing today, thanks to Cmac24’s outstanding carne asada recipie
Been feeling pretty good…energized in the gym. Plasma fuels me just enough to make it through the training.I indulged a bit more than I should have on the carne asada steak today so I skipped my last shake to keep the calories and fat down.

cracking down rest intervals into the 15 second range this week…fml. I ruptured the blood vessels in the inside of my left eye doing squats so I’m blind again in that eye until the blood filters out of the vitreous fluid. Been dealing with this shit since the military so not much new there. I think I started holding my breath on squats when I started getting winded as to keep my back straight and the valsalva maneuver pressure got me. 20 second rest intervals at 335lb…not as easy as I thought it would be.

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Too funny man!!!

You’re doing 15 second rest intervals? That would make MY eyes pop. I almost busted my blood vessels doing plank holds yesterday so I started really focusing on trying to breathe out and in sharply to maintain tight core but not explode my damn eyeballs.

Dude, you’re crushing it! Keep it up.

@tstoddard79 - Bro, it’s shredded chicken taco night in my house…

Made some more fresh pico de gallo and have some cilantro lime rice I’m going to fix up to go along with the shredded chicken and corn tortillas.

Pics tomorrow on my log and recipe if you want it. Super easy.

You know I do brother. I’ll be updating my specs tonight.

I’ll put this on my post for tomorrow with pics but here you go:

Shredded Chicken Tacos

  • Add 2 pounds of chicken breast to boiling water (enough to cover the breasts)
  • boil for 18 minutes
  • Pull from water and let cool enough to start pulling it apart/shredding it with a fork
    • basically you just use the fork to scrape meat away from the main breast until it’s shredded
  • mix up 2 packages of Taco seasoning mix (you can buy these at the grocery usually by the gravy/sauce packets)
    • I like to add additional cumin, chipotle chili powder, and some chili powder blend to the mix to spice it up
  • Pour taco mix over the shredded meat (usuall mix 2/3 to one cup of water for each packet and maybe some oil - just follow package instructions for that)
  • heat the chicken meat in a large skillet and add onions and peppers if you like (I leave them out since my wife doesn’t like but if I’m making for myself I make the fajita veggies and mix in with the chicken once it’s heated)
  • heat up some corn tortillas and add your mixture
  • Add avocado, cheese, pico de gallo etc to taste

I’m definitely going to try that, but I may use my crockpot instead, then i’ll just stir fry the veggies when it’s ready so they are still crisp and don’t get too mushy.

I still get hungry from time to time, mostly on deadlift day. The shakes always satisfy, and Plazma always gets me through it. I will cramp up in the calves pretty bad despite all the potassium in Plazma after legs. I noticed this started happening when I ran out of Superfood. Still at 128oz of water a day plus my shakes and Plazma. Piss is completely clear. I may cut back on water a touch since I’ve probably flushed a lot of sodium out of my system as well. Should help with the cramps.

I’m almost certain I’m going to take this another week or two beyond the 28 days. It’s working well for me, it’s easy, and I still get to eat a pretty damn delicious meal each day. Creativity in the kitchen has risen!

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Hell yeah brother! 16 pounds aint no joke.

Keep crushing it man!

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Week 4 Final. Well it’s been 28 days. I’m going to keep on truckin with the diet but I may have to take a few days break so I can order more protein, superfood, and plazma. The results were pretty amazing for the short time span…not the results I was hoping for but I didn’t ever expect to get my goal in 28 days. I was being very realistic about how far I still have to go.
Be gentle.


Great job @tstoddard79! I’ve decided to do a whole another 28 days leading up to Christmas.

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I’ve slowly been incorporating more food because I ran out of protein powder and have one serving of plazma left. I’m going to repurchase everything and do another month to get my body fat where i want it. I have to say that I really do miss the simplicity of it. If I get hungry I just drank a shake and kept on moving. Didn’t have to stop and go get food, or make a meal.

Exactly. This is super easy to follow on the run. I just load of a few shakers and all I need is a bottle of water. There are litterally no excuses.

I’m reordering everything today and am planning on going another 8 weeks.

Good luck.

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