Using Just One Supplement?

Had a few questions as I am kind of newer to this. I was reading on a couple of thing on here people are using the MAG-10, Plazma and indigo. I was wondering just for in the beginning could I use just the indigo to help me lose weight in my stomach area? I for some reason seem to keep it the most there and would like some extra help but I lift to much im not going to take diet pills. I lift about 4 to 5 days a week with little cardio. I work night shift from 7pm to 7 am 3 days a week and days the other two. If you could give some advice on what you think would be best I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks in advance

Yes, you can, and if using only one supplement and aiming for fat loss, I’d choose the Indigo-3G.

To a significant extent I also generally like seeing Indigo-3G tried alone first, rather than in stacks. This is both because first it works very well even without anything added, and secondly because it’s much harder to determine for oneself how supplements work when always using combinations.

Thanks for the reply it is greatly appreciated, had some other opinion questions.
If I started taking the indigo what should be my recommended carbohydrate intake. I am a 25yof 5’7 210. I am going to be working out approximately 4 times a week. Also when would u suggest working out to get best results, I work 7pm to 7 am and have been working out when I get up around 3 pm? With that type of schedule what would be your best input on the dosing of indigo? Once or twice a day and how many pills? Thanks in advance

Regarding carbs, what is your current daily intake? If you’re not sure, log your food for a week or so and figure it out. Generally 300g carbs on Indigo is the recommended “starting point” but that’s really all relative. For me, on Indigo my sweet spot is 200-250g carbs, but I’m also 5’4" and 165lbs, you may want/need more. When on Indigo, if mass is your goal, you’d be safe having a serving of clean carbs with each meal starting off.

Not a massive portion, but a measured serving of clean carbs, like oats, rice, potato, quinoa, etc., and see how your body adjusts. Also be sure to have lots of clean carbs in your post workout meal, as they’ll go straight to muscle. Too much fat gain, pull back carbs a little. If it’s going well, keep steady for a bit or add 30-40g more per day and see how it goes. Indigo is extremely helpful, but keep in mind you can still gain fat if you go overboard.

Your workout timing sounds good, it’s important to get quality sleep after your overnight shift. Indigo ideally is taken 30 minutes prior to your session, but it is also recommended to take on an empty stomach. So, for your schedule, I would recommend taking your 6 Indigo pills when you wake up (you can have coffee with it if you want), wait 15 minutes or so, then have a pre-workout meal a serving clean carbs and protein (chicken/rice, oats w/ protein powder, etc.).

Then try to start your session when you feel ready, preferably no more than 45-60 minutes after your meal. You would have taken your Indigo within the previous 60-90 minutes, and it stays in your system for about 6 hours. It’ll still be in your system working well.

You’d probably be good with one serving per day pre-workout. On your off days, take 30 min before your biggest, carb-iest meal.

It sounds like you haven’t read the bottle directions if you’re asking how many pills. Here’s the product page, be sure to check it out!

I have seen a lot about doing liver detox before you start taking supplements or try to lose weight, do tall agree with that our think it is not really necessary? Thanks for replying

Indeed, not necessary.

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