Using Hot Rox, Diet Tips?

Hot Rox has been an amazing product, but this time I would really like to get super cut and get my money’s worth. Where can I get some information on macros to reeeeeally take it up a notch? Would you recommend upping my carbs? I’m ashamed to admit I’m no professional and I’ve been blindly taking it with low carb/keto diet. The results have always been amazing, but I would like to kinda get the best benefit of this product. Thank you!

Really depends on a bunch of variables. Your current shape (height, weight, general bodyfat), training plan, current nutrition, what kind of progress you’ve seen on the diet so far, etc.

If you’re currently low carb/keto and you’re seeing steady progress, probably stay the course. Maybe play around with training a bit depending on what you’re doing (like maybe dial up the cardio a little if you’re not doing too much).

If you’ve hit a plateau progress-wise, then you have more flexibility. I’ve always liked carb cycling as an effective plan. So stay low carb on non-training days and reintroduce some carbs on your harder training days so they’re put to good use. This is one easy way to set it up: The Simple Carb Cycling Diet | T NATION

Following the label directions will always point you in the right direction, so as long as you’re taking 1 or 2 twice a day, you’re on point. I’d make sure one of those is before training, so plan the other accordingly.

Also make sure you’ve got basic workout nutrition in place to make sure you’re preserving/building muscle while dropping fat. This talks more about why it can help, even when you’re keto: Tip: Low-Carb Diets vs. Workout Nutrition | T NATION

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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