"Use Brain Candy in 24 Hours"?

I see it says to use/discard within 24 hours - curious on why? Is there something that degrades? What I have been doing is splitting over a work-week and keeping it in the fridge and seems to be working for me. Just wondering what I am missing.

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What I have been doing is splitting over a work-week and keeping it in the fridge and seems to be working for me.[/quote]
You make one little bottle last a full week? Like, a little each day or like half a bottle on Monday and the other half on Wednesday or Thursday? If it’s working for you, awesome, but you’re getting a fraction of the actual serving in each mini-sip (with the first scenario, at least). Or am I misreading that?

I’m pretty sure it’s suggested to use or discard after 24 hours because there are no preservatives in it, so it’s best not to risk any potential spoilage or potency degradation.

Yeah basically 25ml / day mixed in my water when I start the day as kind of my morning pick-me-up/coffee substitute. I’m definitely not ‘jacked’ off it, but I think a full bottle would have me bouncing off the walls.

That’s wild that you can notice a difference with that much/little. You must be one of those people who feels the caffeine in a Diet Coke, too. Me and my high tolerance to stimulants hate you guys. Ha.

Actually, are you using the caffeine-free Brain Candy or the regular? They’re the same formula, the only difference is the caffeine content.

I’ve heard of some people using half a bottle at a time, but never really 1/5 a bottle. Again, I’m pretty sure the concern is with possible spoilage and the lack of preservatives. So by week’s end when you’re at the bottom of the bottle, best case scenario, that dose is probably a bit less potent than the first drop from Monday.

I’m using the caffeinated version. I think the little bit helps. But would be curious what the c-free version would be like. To tell you the truth I’ve been splitting it so long now, I’m not sure what a half-bottle/full-bottle of it would be…I should try it out.

Thanks for the info.

I just don’t even know how you would have the restraint to drink such a small amount at a time.

Perhaps that is a level of willpower I should drive for. Haha

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