Use a Scale for Superfood!

Hey everybody.

I just portioned out my powders for day 9 and realized my first container of Superfood looked pretty empty…

The label states that 2 scoops = 5g = 1 serving.

Well, I just experimented with my digital scale and discovered that it is very easy to cram 4g into just one scoop. I’ve probably been using up 16g a day, instead of the prescribed 10g a day. Which explains why my first container is almost empty already.

My recommendation: either measure servings out with a digital scale, or scoop out Superfood very loosely!

I’ve actually been wondering how 2 containers was going to last me the full 28 days, i’ll check and see, maybe i’m doing the same thing.

Did you take into account the weight of the scoop?

I also weigh all of my protein powder. The serving size for Metabolic Drive is 28g or 29g depending on the flavor. One scoop can easily have over 35g in it, however.

These are the first and only complaints about Biotest products. The scoops are very misleading and most people don’t have digital scales at their disposal…I know for a fact I used way too much Superfood. Now I’m concerned I’ve used too much Metabolic Drive!

Yes I’ve noticed this. On my Superfood container it says it contains 28 serves. A serving size is 2 scoops, but I only got about 20 serves per container.

The Metabolic Drive serves are a little off too. Because supplements cost so much down here, I’m a stickler for making sure that the exact amount is in the container. Biotest do seem to be a little off on these two products.

Flameout, TRIBEX and Spike however have been dead on.

I’m going to run short of Superfood as well. At the current rate, I’m going to be out after day 24.

The protein powder has been just fine. I started with 12 jars and had about 4 left after three weeks. The one thing that I do want to point out is that my Banana flavored powder is only a 1 lb 12 oz container, rather than the 2 lbs of the others. Not a huge deal, but it does equate to 4 scoops.

[quote]Sharp4850 wrote:
Did you take into account the weight of the scoop?[/quote]

No. In fact, I’ve been eating the plastic scoops along with my shakes so I figured I should include their weight.

Sorry, I guess that’s a legit question… Yes. The weight of the plastic scoop was zeroed/tared every time.

I talked to a honcho at Biotest and he said:

"The scoop size is correct.

The problem is that some people tend to pack their scoops.

With Superfood you can double the amount product in a scoop if you do this. Scoops should be lightly filled."

One solution might be to shake your containers before opening, as I’m guessing there’s settling during shipping.

Look at the instruction manual that your scale came with. If it only measures in grams and not fractions of a gram then it is likely over rounding as well. It is hard for most digital scales with a high upper range [up to one kg or two] to be exact at lower levels. But if you get a micro scale then you’ll know. the kind that drug dealers use.

I would say it matters fuck all for the Metabolic Drive. the extra 5g will likely only do you good. But for the Superfood it can become pricey.

Best idea would be to put the whole bin of Superfood on the scale zero/tare then I scoop out with a small spoon thingy till it says -5g.

I used to do it with creatine and BCAA but then i just said fuck it and chuck that shit in.


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