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Just a little background, I was a big fat kid all my life. I was 375 lbs at my biggest and then I discovered training and the ketogenic diet. Long story short, last year at my leanest I was 209 lbs and 14% BF. Then I met my wife and gained way to much “relationship weight” as I like to call it. I plan on using the velocity diet as a way to get my crazy eating habits under control so I can transition back into a low carb lifestyle. I was looking for something fast and easy to follow, and so far this is perfect.

I thought I’d give this a try to help keep me on track and accountable. I’m on day 4, so I guess I’m starting a little late. Starting stats were: 5’ 10", 265 lbs, 30.9% BF. I’m getting married in 11 days and I wanted to cut up a little bit to fill out my suit just right. I’ll take a break on my wedding day, then finish up all 28 days. I tried the diet about a month ago and couldn’t get past 6 days. I was doing my own thing and just barely following the “V-Diet” program. Now I have the supps, I’m following the workouts to a T, and added the NEPA walks, and it’s MUCH better.

I think I’m gonna make it this time guys! First check in coming up on the 8th. Keep me accountable and let’s get it!


How’s it been going, man?

Also, BIG congrats on the upcoming wedding. That’s awesome! FWIW, don’t be surprised if your ring fits a little loose once you lose some weight.

I got married last year and went with a Tungsten ring (the kind that can’t be resized, has to be sent back and re-ordered), lost about 20 pounds (gained about 12 back, full disclosure), and for a while it wasn’t quite “almost-falling-off” loose, but it wasn’t snug like when I picked it out. Definitely not anything to stress about. Just thought it was an unexpected thing.

Ha! Thanks for the advice, I’ll double check the ring before the big day! Well I gotta say my SHM yesterday was more like a giant cheat! I was hungry and bored and we had some chips in the house and I attacked them like a German Shepard. Otherwise, it’s easy to follow at work while I’m distracted and the workouts are much harder then I first gave them credit for!

Anyway today I weighed in at 259.5 fasted with a BF % of 29 even, so somehow I gained 1.7 lbs of muscle and a total fat loss of 3.8 lbs. In a week! That’s awesome. So remember, even if the scale doesn’t move, keep an eye on the important stuff, I might just come out of this with MORE muscle then when I started!!

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Mid week check in, still feeling pretty good, although I “bonked” pretty hard last night. By the time i was done with my last client (personal trainer), I couldn’t make it home fast enough to relax and get some dinner! The workouts are still really hard, but really fun, I haven’t done full body workouts in a long time so it’s a nice change of pace. And my cardio has improved thanks to the daily walks. When i first started it would hover around 130-135, now it’s stuck at about 115-120. Nice bonus, I started power lifting and my cardio suffered, so I’m glad that’s improving as well. I’ll do my pre wedding check in on Saturday, then take Sunday off for a couple beers and some cake, then right back to it to finish off this awesome experiment!

Pre wedding check in: 256.1 lbs, but 28.3% BF! So far I’ve lost 8.7 lbs of BF, but more importantly I gained 2 lb of muscle! I haven’t gained 2 lbs of muscle in a long time, even when I was eating like it was my job. This diet and training are awesome. And full disclosure, I have been using forskolin since the beginning of the “cut” so maybe I’m seeing a testosterone boost or something? Whatever it is, It’s friggin awesome. I almost don’t want to take my wedding day off the diet lol. But when I get back on Monday, I’m going to see it through and see if I can further ramp it up. (cut the cream out of my coffee or less carbs with dinner or something). I can’t wait to be leaner, but also bigger then when I started! Ultimate goal, 20% BF. Do you think I could throw some short HIIT sessions in a couple times a week safely?

What’s up, man. Hope the wedding day was phenomenal. Sounds like you were on track with everything else, but the Big Day definitely deserves to be the focus.

Sorry I missed your question about the HIIT. You getting back on the plan?

It was amazing! Couldn’t have gone better, and the booze and food was flowing all night! About 2 days after, a recurring back injury popped up and then 2 days after that, I got the flu. So everything has been on hold while I just try to survive unfortunately. I just tested today and my body weight is down to 255.2, but my BF% is up to 30.4%, so I lost a few pounds of muscle or I’m severely dehydrated. So yeah, I definitely have some work to get back to! But I’m starting to feel 100% again and life’s getting back on track, so I’ll be back on the diet soon!

Alright, here we go again! I’m currently on day 5, started again on Monday. It almost feels easier this time with the holidays over and less stress in my life. Also, work is crazy busy, so that keeps me distracted. Just weighed myself today and I’m sitting at 252.3 after bouncing back to 260 to start off. This is lowest it’s been in weeks! I’m going to take some tape measurements this time because I’m starting to doubt our BF tester…Anyway, it’s working but my back is still hurting so I can’t go balls out with the workouts. Sucks but it is what it is, I’m doing what I can and the walks are still helping out. I’m sticking out all 4 weeks this time, so I’m excited to see if I can keep this up. Ultimate goal is 225 I think, at least for the end of the 28 days. Long term, I’d like to get down to a big, strong 200 lbs.

Ok, had some extra time so here it is. These are a few spot measurements.
Neck - 16.25"
Waist (above belly button) - 40.75"
Chest - 48"
Afternoon weigh in - 251.4 lbs
BF% - 29.2

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