Just an up date…On January 1 I weighed 168 lbs…5 weeks later I weigh 187.7 I am gaining muscle but also have some fat that needs to go…I have been on Indago-3 for about a week now…Should I wait for the fat burning to increase or should I be taking or doing something else

If you’re gaining muscle at that rate and body fat is about the same, ride that wave! You weren’t exactly “fat” to begin with, correct? And you’ve only been on Indigo-3G for a week. Patience. Some info: (Note that’s an older article referring to the older formula’s dosing guidelines, but the rest of the info is valid.) That aside, you may need a mild dietary tweak, but it’s too early to tell.

Indigo 3G takes some time to have significant visual effects. It basically “fix and reprograms” fat cells. Once they are fixed is when the good stuff (positive nutrients partitioning toward the muscle instead of fat) start to happen. In some people that process is rapid (I had changes in 10 days) in some others it takes longer (for my wife it took 18-21 days) but when it starts doing it’s magic body composition will improve significantly.

And as I often say, gaining 10lbs of muscle is MUCH harder to do than losing 10lbs of fat. While I’m not one to recommend gaining fat when trying to add muscle, gaining a small amount if it allows you to build more muscle tissue isn’t that bad… for example a 3 to 1 muscle to fat ratio is very very good… 3lbs of fat is easily lost in less than a month, but that 9-10lbs of muscle will sitck with you and represents a lot of hard work.

This should show you what I’m talking about

Photo # 2

Photo # 2

Looks like something has literally invaded your splanchnic bed. Too much Casein Hydrolysate?

Looks like typical sub-abdominal fat. Luckily, that tends to reduce quickly with diet and training, and doesn’t damage skin as much as subcutaneous (not that you have that much to do that.) If you haven’t already, remove or reduce milk and wheat. That’ll help.

You are right !!!.It is the milk…Should have figured that out…I should see an improvement soon…Will cut milk to 1 or 2 glasses a week,Thanks

Could you give me some good alternatives to milk and bread

[quote]Skooter wrote:
Could you give me some good alternatives to milk and bread[/quote]

meat and vegetables

[quote]Skooter wrote:
Could you give me some good alternatives to milk and bread[/quote]

I like almond or cashew milk, unsweetened. You can get these anywhere these days. I get them at Walmart (like a boss).

As for bread, you can replace some common “bready” meals with whole corn, non-fried tortillas. I bake them. I’ll also sometimes buy rice-based bread products usually sold under the gluten-free label. They’re not perfect, but sometime you just want a English muffin, darnit. All are wheat free if they have the gluten-free label. You can find these in the frozen section of most grocers.

I was being a little facetious, but I really do mean it. I think most people would be better off getting the idea that the need something like bread or milk in their diet out of their head. I think just breaking from the convention is easier than wading through substitutes and keeping the habit alive.

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