Update on Better Body Comp for 65 Yr Old

I have been on Indigo now for 22 days-started on June 4. So far I am seeing no change. How long should it take before I notice improvement? Any advice would be appreciated.

Here’s some good info: <a href=""target=“new”>What To Expect

From my experience (a year older than you), Indigo is more subtle than it is for younger users, and takes longer to produce noticeable effects. A lot depends on the intensity and nature of your workouts and your diet/nutrition, neither of which you describe in your post.

If you workout hard 4 to 6 times a week and keep your diet in line with the recommendations, I think you will be happy if you give it about 60 to 90 days. I have been taking it about six months but it was only after about six weeks that I noticed much. I have also found that Indigo really becomes more effective when combined with Plazma and MAG-10 with your workouts, but may not do much at our age just on its own. For me, I find that it really helps enable much harder, more intense workouts, and the combination of those with good nutrition is going to help body comp regardless.

My weight has not changed much but I have definitely put on muscle, so I know that my body fat has decreased. If you can, give it some more time and try to intensify your workouts and use a tape measure and scale to judge the results. Good luck!

Thanks Chris.

Thanks. Good advice.

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