Unprocessed Wheat Bran Instead of Flax?


Is it an acceptable substitute for the milled flax seed? Hodgson mill has 30 cals, 10g carbs (7g fiber), 0 sugars, and 2g protein per 1/4 cup serving. Curious about it as we’re currently out of the flax.

PS, day one is going well so far. Mental games are kicking in but its keeping me off my butt and busy so I don’t think about food. :slight_smile:


Nevermind, i bought some more flax and compared them. More fiber, and 2 tbs vs. 1/4 per serving. That wheat bran shake was pretty chewy…

I am impressed by the quality of the protein powder. I was using Syntha-6 pretty regularly and considered that excellent. This stuff is another step change better. Great taste, blends easy and stays that way.


Nevermind my original question, I bought some more flax today and compared labels. Flax provides more fiber in 2 tbs vs 1/4 cup of the wheat bran. That first shake was pretty chewy, much improved with the flax.

I’m also very impressed with the quality of the Biotest products. My “usual” is from BSN and I liked that better than most other protein powders out there. The Metabolic Drive is in another category all together. Tastes good, blends well and stays mixed up.


No, wheat is awful stuff. See the book “Wheat Belly” for full info.