Unique Situation and Question

I am 44 years old and was diagnosed with Tongue cancer in December 2013. 5’11" 190 lbs at the time with about 12% BF. My best option was 2 months of Chemo and Radiation. Well, I grinded it out, it was brutal but all went well as I was treated at Stanford.

But, now I’m 160 freaking pounds with not a lot of muscle left. I still have limited ability to swallow from all the burns in my throat and mouth compliments of the radiation, so I’ve essentially been on the Velocity diet for the last 6 weeks. I’ll bet I’m at least 15% BF as I have had zero physical activity except just in the last week I was able to get back in the gym as my energy has returned to about 75%.

My question is, I have at least another month to go on liquids before I’ll be able to eat anything. 170 would be a great weight for me but can I gain 10lbs of muscle on the Velocity now that I am able to start working out again? Do I need to modify it slightly? I’d be happy with 6 or 8 lbs of muscle, probably more realistic.

I have also started Test Cyp 2 weeks ago prescribed by my doc to help get back on track. I’m only doing 125mg/week. Any information would be greatly appreciated as I’ve been through a lot and am willing to work my ass off to get back on my feet again.

Metabolic Drive shakes would certainly be the way to go if solid foods are still tough to consume. I wouldn’t necessarily call this the “V-Diet” though because you’re not trying to lose weight, and of course you’d need more calories and carbs for more muscle gains. For workouts, go with <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma pre and during training instead of Surge Recovery. Plazma is better for your goals and an all-around more advanced workout nutrition supplement. Keep the Metabolic Drive shakes as needed for meals. Superfood and Flameout would also round out the nutrition and keep your foundation for health in place.

Pulsing with <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 would also be a good idea: once post-workout, and then as many times as you can between regular meals, before bed, first thing in AM, etc. (We had another T Nation member – Hip Scar – use Mag-10 during his chemo to prevent muscle loss.)

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