Underweight for V-Diet?!


i am 5’2" and am down to 114#, but at about 22% body fat (39 years old). i have no inclination to loose weight, but add some muscle and just loose some body fat down to about 18%. i used the V-Diet online calculator and got this message: This program is not recommended for you. Your personal information falls outside our program guidelines for body weight.
Any suggestions? THANK YOU, in advance.

Hi Sugarbear37,

Several people have had the same experience. Check the “Ask Chris” thread in this forum ( ) for discussion and answers.

There are plenty of good training programs and nutrition articles here at T-Muscle that are probably better suited for you than the V-Diet., which would probably leave you weighing under 100 pounds!

As I wrote in the “Ask Chris” thread, we realize that some females are petite and on the shorter side yet still need to lose fat, so we dropped the minimal weight by a few pounds (to 125) to better accommodate them.

But, you weigh 114, and it sounds like your goals – add a little muscle, lose a little fat – can be better served with a less severe plan.

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