Underweight for V-Diet?

Hi Chris,

I’ve been reading through the information on the v-diet and am interested in it. Currently I’m 32yo, 5’5" and 136lbs.

Recently I’ve been trying to add muscle mass and have gained around 11 lbs in 4 months. This in part has been additional fat as every thing I’ve read to date says ectomorphs in particular need to eat eat eat to add muscle mass. My diet has been fairly clean eating, concentrating on protein and carb ratios, with a healthy dose of micronutrients.

I’ve been weight training for around 6-7 months, but concentrating on diet for 4 months

My goal is to drop some of the fat percentage and increase muscle mass further (not happy with the results so far)

My questions are:

  1. The calculator tells me “This program is not recommended for you. Your personal information falls outside our program guidelines for body weight.” Am I really too underweight for this program?
  2. If so, is there a less severe version that would help me reach my end goals?
  3. Am I perhaps being too impatient with my current regime?


This is somewhat tricky since you’re probably a small-framed male and you’re on the shorter side, so that throws off the calculator a bit. Still, you don’t need the V-Diet. Honestly, you’re still a newbie when it comes to training. When you begin to add some real muscle, you’ll easily “eat up” that extra body fat.

Now, that doesn’t mean you need to “bulk” and go on a diet full of crappy foods just to get the extra calories. I don’t believe in adding tons of body fat just to gain muscle. But you do need roughly 500-1000 calories over normal maintenance every day to optimally gain muscle. Choose clean foods. Most people who tell me they eat clean do not because they really don’t know what that means. For example, wheat and milk are not clean foods, and if you’re eating those then this could be partly why you’re small yet have more body fat than you’d like.

What you need is mainly TIME. More time on the weights. And no cardio, just short conditioning sessions. I go over those here:

I’d suggest any of our training programs on this site since your training is probably not great either since you’re new. We have tons of free plans but I’d suggest looking into getting a real coach like John Meadows. You can do that here, along with the supplements you need:

That’s about the same price as a V-Diet and more suited to your needs.

Thanks Chris,

I’ll check out those links.

And yeah, been eating wheat and drinking milk…

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