Underweight for V-Diet


I am just a couple pounds underweight for the V-Diet (123). What would be the complications if I were to follow the program as a 125 lb woman?

Also, what would you suggest to do if not the V-Diet?


Are you on the short side? That can throw off the calculator. And weight does not always reflect body comp, of course.

Still, very close. You could do the version and (if even needed) cut one scoop of protein powder out per day, and/or a bit of the flax.


Good to know, thank you. I’ m on the shorter side, 5’5". I’m thin, and getting stronger all the time. Just need something to push me over the thin hump to get to a muscular build.


Wait, you’re thin? The V-Diet is a fat loss diet. It’s not a plan for someone who’s already lean.


Maybe post a picture Abby, see what he thinks?