Understanding the Formula

I don’t understand this formula. Being a man that needs to lose over 35 pounds, which 2 numbers should I use for which days?

Can anyone help decipher this?

Quoted from the HQ thread.

I Need to Lose Over 35 Total Pounds

Women needing to lose over 35 pounds total and men needing to lose over 30 pounds should use this formula:

(10.2 x body weight + 879) x .50 = _______ x .8 = _______

(10.2 x body weight + 879) x .60 = _______ x .8 = _______

You have to use the higher number for your weight training days…(where you will add Surge as post workout meal)

I under stand that much… but with those 2 formulas I get 4 numbers? Do I use the final 2? after applying the x.8?

If you need to loose over 30 pounds, you only get 80% of the calories, you would otherwise get. Multiplying by 0.8 gives you that number.

You only use the final two numbers.

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