Understanding Supplement Stacks


So I don’t necessarily have the budget to be overlapping in purpose. It seems like there are a few supplements that have overlap. So I’m hoping I can give you a brief over view of where I’m at and petition the group for some purchasing advice.

6’5" - 271, just came off losing 10 lbs on the Velocity Diet
Historically I have an easy time gaining muscle and a hard time leaning down

I’ve lost 35 lbs since January 1.

I’m currently working out 6 days a week. I don’t pussy foot around in the gym, I go for the core lifts first and supplement with auxiliary lifts. I don’t have time to waste so my tempo is pretty consistent.

My macro diet view is 43% protein, 37% carbs and 20% fat. I’m trying to gain more muscle so I’m shooting for about a 10% calorie surplus.

I’d like a pre and post workout supplement (have been using Plazma)
I’m using Flameout to keep inflammation at bay

I’m thinking I need to add a BCAA to help in recovery and something else to help burn the fat. I see a lot of ‘recovery’ centered products and a lot of ‘fat burning’ centered products.

Just looking for a little advice.



[quote]ad4m wrote:
I’ve lost 35 lbs since January 1.[/quote]
Awesome work. I saw some pics in your other thread. Great stuff so far.

Just make sure you’re training efficiently each day, not just training “a lot”. Plenty of programs on the site here that might be worth following.

Not trying to tell you your goals, but you might be better off shooting for a “recomp”, basically eating at maintenance and letting the training and nutrition work on building muscle/dropping fat. I’m not sure a calorie surplus is the best call just yet if you’re still carrying a fair amount of fat.

Plazma is most effective when used before and during, not really post-workout. Make that little tweak and you should be all set.

Not really. Some people will use BCAAs when they’re lifting or doing cardio on an empty stomach, but since you’re already using Plazma around your workouts, BCAAs aren’t totally necessary. If anything, you could consider something like Mag-10, which is a kind of protein drink you can have throughout the day and/or post-workout to improve recovery.

“Just” BCAAs compared to Mag-10 is high-rep push-ups compared to a heavy set of benching. Yeah, the first choice is “good enough” for some people, but the next step up brings a big difference in results.

With where you’re at, I think Indigo-3G would be the ideal next step.

Basically helps make your body smarter and “teaches it” to manage carbs and burn fat more effectively. Lots of people seem to use it especially after something like the V-Diet.


I can’t begin to tell you how beneficial this is. Thank you for taking some time to respond.

You’re right, I’m carrying too much fat to have any kind of surplus, I’ll tweak that for sure.

So I have been drinking Plazma before and during the workout, what would you recommend as a post workout product?


[quote]ad4m wrote:
I can’t begin to tell you how beneficial this is. Thank you for taking some time to respond. [/quote]
No problem, man. If you want to start a thread in the Bigger, Stronger, Leaner or Beginners forum, some of us can take a better look at your training and nutrition.

Plazma does the job 100%, so you don’t really “need” anything post. But like I said, Mag-10 could be something to consider, like an hour or so after lifting. But it’s icing on the cake (ha, so to speak), not filling a gap that was missing.