Ultimate Goal of HSM?

I’m looking to really make my V-Diet as beneficial as possible and part of that is making sure that my HSM’s are the best they can be. What is the ultimate goal of the HSM? Is it simply to keep you from going crazy and to get a break from shakes? Or does it serve a purpose physiologically - e.g. a little more carbs than you would usually get from a shake to boost lepitin (a dieting tactic I don’t fully believe in). It seems to me that having a moderate portion of grass-feed beef would be a fantastic meal in itself but Shugart says:

Your healthy solid meal doesn’t have to be complex. Here’s a simple guideline:

  1. Get some clean protein: lean steak, a couple of grilled chicken breasts, turkey, baked or grilled fish, etc.

  2. A big pile of mostly green veggies: steamed broccoli, spinach, zucchini and squash, etc.

  3. A small starch: dry sweet potato, a bit of brown rice, or a small side of whole wheat pasta

  4. Big salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing (no cream dressings)

  5. A small bit of fruit for dessert is fine too if you want it.

Don’t sweat the amounts too much. You’ll be surprised at how fast you fill up on these solid foods, so there’s little chance you’ll overeat.

Is it really that easy? What are other V-Dieters experiences with this?

It is that easy. Follow what he says and its absolutely fine, don’t worry about the calories. The main goal is to provide the change to your taste buds and give a little boost of calories and carbs.

Nothing complex about it.

I can’t fukkin wait for my HSM!!!

You’ll likely find, especially after the second week that you won’t be able to eat much anyway.

My typical HSM was 250g of Kangaroo steak, about 200-300g of sweet potato, a bunch of brussel sprouts, broccoli and other low sugar greens with a bit of balsamic for added flavour. I’d typically struggle to eat it, and usually would be throwing food away as my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach.

I think in all honesty as long as your just careful not to smash the carbs you’re eating drastically under maintenance every day of the week. An additional 500 or even 1000cals in the scheme of things won’t change progress all that much.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Awesome sounds like a good time then. But does anyone know whether it’s a physiological or psychological goal for the HSM? Or both? Just tryin to understand the science behind the V-Diet a little more.

I’m not sure that all of the V-Diet was scientifically worked out, I think part of it as a bit of luck, educated luck though :slight_smile: Chris could better comment.

To me the benefit of the HSM was more psychological than anything. Given the main lack is in carbs and you aren’t getting stacks and stacks of them there isn’t a great deal of physiological benefit besides the nutrients in the food that you aren’t generally getting during the diet.

I know having that HSM each week to look forward to when it got hard, as well as the positive re-inforcement that I both was loving good food and my appetite was reduced made it much easier.

Obviously there are physiological benefits to the meal and I doubt anyone would suggest drinkign just protein powder for four weeks even with Superfood and all the other gear. I think that’s why the suggestion is for coloured veges and not to sweat the fat in the meat too (too) much. I’m guessing the suggestion is for red meat too given the lack of iron etc.

I agree…it is a total mind thing for me since all I want to do is have a good taste and chewing sensation…it is real food too since we are so programmed to chew not drink food. I also thought that the red meat was for iron but it also (and I think) introduces solids back into your system and since your metabolism has been kick started should use your intake correctly…now with that said I started with the PorterHouse which is disgustingly bad for you (I didn’t realize it until a fellow V-dieter posted up the chart) so decided to go with the Filet Mignon that is over 800cals less and packs much better protein…in fact by size almost 50% more! I figure that the HSM is a training day thing so I should follow a good regiment as this is what I will need to continue with once I ween off of this part of the V-diet. I hope I made sense!

HSM is tomorrow for me! OMG, I can’t fukkin wait.


Weirdly enough, CT’s article today totally nailed my question

It’s actually both psychological and physiological, related to the concepts of mindful eating and refeeds… and about a dozen other things. All good!

BUT, remember that in the context of the V-Diet, a full-out cheat meal of garbage foods works AGAINST you, especially when it comes to the taste/craving/behavioral changes. Has to be clean.

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