Typical Daily Meal Plan

This is in response to your answer in the livespill.

Typically I have

Breakfast ( 8:15 am)
6 whole eggs cooked sunny side up in coconut oil
1 cup cooked baby spinach

Lunch (12:20 pm)
1.5 lbs Chicken thighs. Boneless, skinless ( Some times with skin if i buy it that way but for simplicity sake I normally buy it with out the bone and they remove the skin as well.)

2 cups of frozen veggies ( green beans, broccoli, carrots some times)

Dinner ( 8-9:00~ PM)

Same as above . If I am working out that night I’ll also have a cup of rice ( uncooked measurement) with that

I have 1 serving of MAG-10 before working out, a dextrose and BCAA drink during ( 35 grams dextrose) and then another serving of MAG-10 after. Thats a typical day. I changed my profile picture to a recent pic so you can see leannes.

I eat the large meals because im aiming to gain mass. when I eat less than this it comes on pretty slowly. Ive gained 50 lbs since I started working out in Jan 2011 ( didnt even start squatting until that summer! )

let me know where I’m going wrong.

Your food selections are good. Sometimes we can have food addictions and still be in great shape; we’ve just learned how to resist the cravings and triggers. But those are typically caused by the exorphins in wheat and milk, and I don’t see any of those in your diet, so it’s probably not a concern.

I think it’s a macro issue. It’s okay to put some clean carbs in your earlier meals. Examples: Gluten-free oatmeal, cream of buckwheat, rice grits, rice in any form, a little fruit or berries in the AM when you can utilize them most, potatoes, etc.

If you’re shooting for mass gains, you’re probably going to need more carbs, and not just around workout time. And around workout time, you could stand to use a lot more for peri-workout. Anaconda or Plazma would be perfect. These will fuel muscle gains and can’t be stored as fat. (Most see fat loss actually.)

After a certain point, it become very difficult to gain muscle and keep carbs low. (I know, I tried.) I would always gain too much fat doing this, but Indigo-3G really helped me repartition the carbs toward muscle gain instead of fat storage. I can’t recommend it enough.

Lastly, if you’re not already doing it, get a quick estimate of total calories. You may simply need a few hundred more. It’s easy to under-eat and not know it, especially with demanding workouts.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! This is the coolest website / community. Once I get " the next job" im gong whole hog on the peri line you guys have . I have been chomping at the bit to get IG3 but the full dose intro is just too hard to swing right now. I have to be content with MAG-10 =] Thanks again for the input

You need to cook your eggs sunny side down.

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