Type I Diabetic and the V-Diet, Need Some Help


Hi guys,

So I’ve been a type I diabetic for 20 years, since I was 3 years old, done several of these workout plans / diets. Medical school has made me slack off the exercise of any sort bandwagon.

I’ve started to work out again, walking the stairs instead of the elevator at the hospital (we start our mornings in the basement and I have patients on the 8, 10, 11th floors), parking as far as possible from the hospital as possible in the parking lot. Etc.

The diet will work, it’s got enough carbs spread out throughout the day to keep me from bottoming out… most of the time. I also have an insulin pump which allows me to adjust my doses at any point in time. My biggest concern is what sort of fast acting glucose would you recommend for when I do get hypoglycemic that won’t kill the diet plan? Us diabetics have straight glucose tabs, but wondering if there were any other recommendations?



Please consult your doctor on issues such as this.



You’d be surprised how little doctor’s know about nutrition. I’m studying to be the kind of doctor that treats patient’s like me, if you gave me a list of … if you had to have a snack, these would be recommended… I could select something appropriate from it for my medical condition.

Otherwise right now, consulting a doctor on a very specific workout plan isn’t much help. Let’s just say no Endocrinologist I’ve ever been to has ever been that informed.

Edit: Not asking for medical advice, just possible snack recommendations if it had to happen. I’ll make a medically informed decision afterward.


That’s the thing: there are no snacks on the V-Diet. I’d suggest another plan rather than changing the essence of what an effective V-Diet is.