Tyler's Velocity Log

Well, I pulled the trigger. This is my way of forcing some change in my eating habits, and getting back to fighting weight. Pissed that I keep Yo-yo dieting, and going out even though I have a fridge and freezer full of healthy eats. So, Day 1, hows it looking.

First taste of Metabolic Drive with water. Not bad at all, and I’m feeling nice and full. Mixed in Superfood which smells like donkey ass btw, but I’m driven so bottoms up.

First shake down along with the Flameout, going to follow the plan today and the HSM is 2 grilled chicken tenders with a bit of paprika and garlic/onion seasoning. Not a ton but enough for flavor. Also about a cup and a half of spring mix veggies (corn, green peas/beans, and diced carrots).
I had a chest and back workout last night before starting all this, so I’m going to start working on the beginner workout schedule tonight. #gettingthefuckafterit.

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I am also 6"3 and currently 265lbs. I’m a former NCAA and NJCAA Div2 baseball player who blew a disc out in his back and is making a fitness comeback a few years later. Also helps that I’m getting married in August so this seems the perfect time to kick this fat loss and muscle gain into the next gear.

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Day 2. Down to 258 this morning from 265 yesterday. Had a Sushi platter with Wasabi and no crunchy bits or soy sauce for dinner that came out to about 600 cal, and had an intense upper body and abs workout prior to that. Gotta love having to grab the seat belt BEFORE you sit in the car.
I’m actually enjoying the “Full but not full” feelign I got from the shakes and Superfood yesterday. I work a deskjob at IBM Watson so it was nice to not feel like I had bubblegut during the first day.
going to start on the Intermediate workout schedule tonight and really get after it.

The weekend was great. Had a good diet of shredded chicken with veggies mixed in all weekend.
We took a hiking trip to Devil’s Lake and got a good 6.5 miles in. I did eat my solid meal before the hike to make sure that I wasn’t going to die. (thoughts on if that matters on the V-diet plan?) Burned that right off!
Hit the scale Monday morning and I’m down another two lbs to 256.

The timing of the HSM is basically whatever suits your day/lifestyle. Big picture, it’s fine.

Sounds like you’re pretty much right on track. Make sure you’re taking measurements and not just relying on the scale though. After a while, scale weight may slow down but the physique can still be improving due to muscle building.

And congrats on the upcoming wedding! For sure that can be a strong motivator.

12 days in and 13 lbs down! I sustained a micro tear in my hamstring sprinting this past Monday, so legs have been off the table during workout, but upper body has gotten hit hard. Plazma keeps your ass goin=-).
I’m up in energy and not getting tired as early in the day. My fiance saw the results and actually commented my face is looking a bit better, so I have that going. She is going to do this for awhile now too.
I’ll check in in a couple of days with some measurements from day 1 to now.

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