TwoScoops Transformaion - Phase 1

Protein has arrived.

Fridge is empty.

Workout log blank.

Pre-Pictures taken.

My V-Diet journey begins tomorrow.

Welcome aboard! We look forward to watching your progress!

Day 1

Great NEPA walk this morning. I love Chicago in the summer time.

BO Barbell Row : 175/5 175/5 175/5 175/4
Overhead Squat : 95/5 95/5 115/5 95/5
Dip : 45/5 45/5 45/5 45/5
Ab-Wheel Rollout: 5 5 5 5

I really need to work on my shoulder flexibility, my OH Squats were atrocious. I will also warmup a little more next week.

I am starting to think that Surge is going to be my highlight every other day.

Today hasn’t been that bad so far…(I hope I don’t end up eating my words, they have far too many calories)

Day 2

Yesterday afternoon I was very hungry all night until my last shake. Thank God for almond butter.

Worked this morning, and it went very well. It was so busy that I barely had time to thin about my stomach.

I am excited for tomorrows workout (and the surge that comes with it.)

Hopefully the hotel can stay busy, and I can keep working 6 day weeks.

Why am I doing the VDiet?

In all honesty I am fairly comfortable with my bf%. The two main reasons I did this was to

  1. See if I could do it

  2. See how much weight I can put on after. I have read multiple times that when coming off the VDiet that muscle packs its self on, and I want to see if there is any truth to that. I am going to be a living/breathing experiment.

This is “Phase 1” of my transformation, because I have a year-long plan: Let’s see what happens. (and don’t worry, I will update you guys with weight/pics/measurements as the year goes by)

All the best man! Exciting stuff.
Keep strong.

[quote]TwoScoops wrote:

I am starting to think that Surge is going to be my highlight every other day.


I hear that- Surge is amazing :slight_smile: Good luck with your journey.

Day 3

Last night was tough, I drank my last shake too early and then ended up not being able to sleep because I was so hungry.

Workout from this morning:

Pullups (assist): 25/8 25/8 40/8 40/6 55/6
Incline DB Bench: 55/8 55/8 55/8 55/8 55/7
Romanian DL : 135/8 135/8 135/8 135/8 135/8
BB Curl : 50/8 50/8 50/8 50/8 50/8
Hanging LegRaise: 8 8 8 8 8

45 second rest killed me today. The last couple months I have been lifting heavy and going 90-120 second rest. Almost fell asleep after drinking my Surge.

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