Two Week V-Diet Questions



I’ve done the full diet as is about 9 months ago and am interested in doing the two week version you’ve mentioned a couple of times. A few questions:

  1. If I’m doing Monday and Thursday fast, do you start the diet on Sunday or make the first day the fast day?

  2. How critical is the GPC (I already have two bottles of MAG-10 before reformulation)?

  3. Start with the same workout protocol as with the full diet?

  4. Do you use a transition or just go straight back into healthy eating?


  1. First day would be a MAG-10 Pulse Fast day. I like to start it off with a bang.

  2. It’s a good addition, but if you have to cut it out for budget reasons, it’s okay.

  3. You can do any type of training you want. There’s no official plan. I prefer not to weight train on Pulse Fast day, just do some conditioning work.

  4. Straight back to healthy eating or you could do “V-Diet Lite” for a week – shakes all day then a solid healthy meal at night.


I knew I forgot something:

  1. Do you increase Surge the day after a Pulse, let’s say from two to three scoops? And is it best to consume before, during, and after, or just after?

Thanks for the quick replies.



Well, Surge Recovery is kind of “old school” now. I’d suggest going with the new Anaconda formula for during weight training.

If you already have Recovery, sip during and drink rest right after lifting.


I’ve still got a bottle and a half, so old school it is. Do you recommend switching to the new protocol even though the “Diet” still calls for the Surge Recovery?


Use what you have, but look into Anaconda and MAG-10 in the future. All very effective supps.