Two week V Diet/Pulse Fast results

I thought I would share the results of my two week v diet/pulse fast experiment. Some background. I have done 4 V diets in the past. I won’t post all the results but I will post some so you can see the progress compared to the experiment.

#1 240 to 225, stomach 44 to 40.75
#2 233 to 219, stomach 41.5 to 38.75
#3 223 to 208, stomach 39 to 37.5
#4 220 to 205, stomach 39.5 to 37.5

After #4, I had the breakup of a relationship. My diet didn’t go bad, but I have always gained a significant amount of fat when stressed. I was also on vacation for a month where the diet wasn’t great because I didn’t cook for a month. The final problem was when I got back in September I through myself into the same workout I was doing in June/July. I ended up with a hurt shoulder and back. Not making any excuses, but these all contributed to me giving everything back that I had done with V Diet #4. I was planning on starting in Jan anyways, so I decided that this wuld be a perfect time for me to experiment because I’m basically the same weight and dimensions as I was at the beginning of #4.

V Diet/Pulse fast results: 220 to 211; stomach 40.25 to 38.75.

This is just a little bit better than the same stats that I had after two weeks of #4. However, going by the subjective visual evidence, my body appears like it did at the end of week 3 or 4. It’s hard to make sense of this or describe it but I am definitely more muscular. So in my opinion, this variation does work, but it does have drawbacks.
The four v diets that I had completed were cake. Totally easy. I may have had a lack of energy in the first two days of the first diet but overall the motivation to look better, plus the amazing quick results were huge motivators for me. I didn’t cheat once, and I don’t think I was even tempted to.

This two week pulse fast/v diet were hard as hell. I felt nauseous many times, and I had insomnia the entire diet. I had to take sleeping pills the nights of the pulse fasts to get any sleep. I caught a cold on the first day and by the second pulse it was a full blown cold that took the full two weeks to get rid of. I could only do NEPA one day as I was so sick and while I trained as hard as I could on the weights I was weak as hell and one day I could barely breath. I am convinced that this was all because of the pulse fasts.
On the other hand, the fact that I’ve done so well with bad training and no NEPA is pretty remarkable, and is also attributed to the pulse fast.

So, I will try this again in the spring when my track season starts as it is very convenient for me to not worry about eating or preparing meals when I’m doing 90 hrs of work each week. Not to mention that I can bring my shakes to the practices. Now I just need to decide how to incorporate the pulse fasts into the v diet. I want to do the 6 week diet during season, and might start off with 2 PF for the first two weeks followed by the regular plan, or I might go 1 PF per week for three weeks. Another option is 1 PF for two weeks and 2 PF for the final week. One thing though is that I cannot afford to get sick at this time, so I guess I’ll decide between now and then. I am hoping that others who are adding PF into the V Diet post their results her so we can all see what works best. I do know however that for me the scale and tape don’t really tell the whole picture as visually I do look much better than I did after 2 weeks of #4.

Good info- I’m wondering if your cold made it so hard since it stuck around for so long.

Chris, I’m planning on doing my two week V-Diet/Pulse Fast in a few weeks, pretty much the same as I described above. I’ve done it twice since this post and like it but I had a few bottles of MAG-10 that I had been using. I have just realized that there is a new MAG-10 and it seems like there is very little instruction/feedback on the new formula.

I’m a bit disappointed in that but will still give it a try. A bit concerned with the carb/sugar that I’ll be taking in on the Mon/Thurs. How do I use the new formula for a pulse fast and how do I use it around my Monday workouts?

There is no reason to worry about the carbs in the new MAG-10. First, they are very low. Second, they basically aren’t “regular” carbs and certainly not regular sugar. In fact, the new formula is better for fat loss than the previous. To use the new formula, you basically just follow the label, taking a serving (2 scoops) where the old Pulse Fast plan listed “scoop.”

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