Two Quick V-Diet Questions

Hello all. I’m a long-time reader, first-time poster…and I’m starting the V-Diet tomorrow (Sat 10/4).

Two quick questions for anyone who has the time to answer:

  1. This may be a silly question…but on Healthy Solid Meal days, are you supposed to stick to the calorie guidelines just like every other day of the diet, whether it be training or non-training?

My numbers are 1600/1900, and I just need to know if I’ll be measuring out solid food on the HSM days. Or is it kind of like a cheat day (as long as the meal is healthy)?

In all the reading that I’ve done on the V-Diet here, I don’t remember that specific topic being addressed. Maybe I missed it somewhere?

  1. My father-in-law has expressed some interest in this diet if it works well for me (Or maybe V-Diet lite). He’s 65, and I’m wondering if this is safe, effective, and/or advisable for him?

He’s been training with me for about 3 months using everything from a Bowflex, to doing light squats and deadlifts with my Olympic bars and weights.

I’ve also thrown in some Kettlebell work, so he is by no means coming straight off the couch, but he retains that hard, pregnant-looking belly that I’ve been warning him about.

It appears to me that the V-Diet is effective in getting rid of that, hence my questions. Also…would there be any difference in calculating his numbers due to his age, or is it the same for everyone?

Thanks for reading. Any help at all would be great!

Hi, good luck with the diet. Here are my thoughts on your questions.

  1. Personally, I just replaced my most calorie dense shake (shake w/ 1 tbs peanut butter and flax ~375 calories) with an HSM. I never broke down the calories, but I doubt I was ever close to breaking 500. In the scheme of things I would think that as long as you don’t have a true “cheat” meal you’ll be fine.

  2. What does he eat now? Most likely the Velocity diet is healthier than what he is currently eating. If the overall nutrition of the shakes (plus superfood, flax, and fish oil) is healthier than his current diet than not only would it not be harmful, it should be beneficial.

Again, good luck

Thanks for the reply Charlie. The V-Diet will surely be a step up in nutrition for my father-in-law. He actually doesn’t eat ENOUGH. My biggest challenge will be convincing him to give up his daily afternoon Vodka.

That’ll be a tough one. Any word on whether or not his calorie intake formula will be different because of his age? Thanks again.

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