Two Questions, and ggypsy's Progress Thread

I just finished week one of my V-Diet, even managed to go to a local 420 BBQ and stick to the plan yesterday. Over the remaining time left for my diet, I see two potential issues.

  1. On May 8-10, I’m volunteering to help out with security at a large convention. I’ve helped to co-ordinate it for several years now, and had already started the diet before realizing the dates were going to coincide. The shakes themselves shouldn’t be too difficult to stick to during the con - probably less blended shakes, but I’ll live for the three days.

My concern is that I’m going to be on my feet and running around for 18-20 hours a day, and at least one of those days I’m going to be lifting. It seems clear that my caloric intake needs to be higher on these days, but I’d like input from more experienced V-dieters on how/when they’d add their calories in. This is my usual routine, though the times may move an hour or so based on the day’s schedule:

6:00 - Wakeup
6:30 - Shake 1
10:30 - Shake 2
2:30 - Shake 3
6:30 - Shake 4
** If it’s a workout day, the workout and workout shake happen sometime in here**
10:30 - Last shake
11:00 - Bed

(The NEPA walks move around, though I’ve been religious about getting at least half an hour a day, usually on my lunch break at work)

So how would y’all get around this? My routine the days of the con will likely be up at about the same time, then running around till 11 or midnight. I’ll make sure to arrange time for shakes and lifting.

  1. My dad’s birthday was last week, and our tradition is that I take him to dinner. I could wait until after finishing the diet, but that’s not for five more weeks. I’d like to find somewhere I can take him that’s veggie friendly (for him) and has a HSM-compatible choice (for me.) Any suggestions?

Anyhow, I’m very happy with the progress I’m making so far. I’ve generally felt “lighter”, and really noticed the energy drain after yesterday’s HSM (a chicken burrito bol from Chipotle, with extra veggies instead of rice and easy sour cream/cheese.)

  1. Just skip NEPA since you’ll be moving around all day, but keep diet plan the same.

  2. Sorry, have no idea where you live. Hard to suggest restaurants. I’m sure you’ll manage.

  3. Be very careful at Chipotle. Many of their “natural, healthy” items are worse than Big Macs. The macro and calorie info should be online at their site though. (And that goes for all restaurants these days. I think it’s the law now.)


Thanks for the quick feedback! Ok, I’ll just stick to the plan as planned. Also, in case I don’t happen to catch your attention again, thank you so much for the program. I’ve been coming to T-Nation on and off for years, and it’s already made a huge impact on my physical appearance through programs I’ve found by Thib and Waterbury and everyone else. I can already tell that I’m going to be ecstatic with the results at the end of this six weeks, since I’m already in the best shape of my life and getting better every day!

My friends, I’m here today to talk to you about the V-Burn Challenge. Yesterday was my first time, and I fear I did a terrible, terrible job on it.

Perhaps an intermediate program was… ambitious for me to pursue. Ambitious, in this case, being a synonym for “stupid”. However, that is the bed that I’ve made and I intend on doing everything but lie in it, since lying doesn’t get me into better shape. Anyhow, I knocked out the first circuit without too much difficulty. Slowed a bit on the last couple thrusters, but otherwise we’re golden.

Midway through the second circuit, I realized that I was going to die. In a basement, dressed in a torn-up tee shirt and sweat-stained shorts that probably smelled like the Devil’s crack, but I couldn’t tell because there was too much sweat in my nose. It’s hard to smell when you’re drowning from a standing position. I asked my friend where the location of a bucket would be, just in case.

After the third circuit, the debate began. On one side, “Halfway done, baby. Just knock the rest of this shit out and get on with your day.” On the other hand, a very persuasive salesman. “This is a big step to make all at once! You’ve done enough for today. Hear how hard you’re breathing? Feel that vurp easing on up from your stomach? Walk it off and finish tomorrow. You can do it all in one day next week.”

I’d like to tell you I punched that sucker in the face and kicked through the rest, but part of doing this diet is honesty and accountability. I walked up to the bathroom, splashed some water on my face, forced some deep breaths, stood over the toilet for a minute, even went so far as to sit down in front of the computer. As soon as I went to open a browser, I got disgusted with myself. “Surfing the freaking net is something you’re already an expert at, asshole. Get back in the dungeon and finish what you started.”

After the fourth circuit, I realized the foolishness of thinking I was going to die after the second circuit. Clearly, THIS is what dying felt like. I started carrying the bucket around to each station. Just in case.

After the fifth circuit, the salesman came back. “Five! Come on, man. That’s certainly enough. You’ve practically done the whole thing, right? And you’re feeling pretty weak now. You were never very good at energy systems work, right? Come on. You don’t even have to quit, just take a walk upstairs, catch your breath, and decide if you want to come back and finish!” I looked at the bucket.

Having to keep a bucket around as a training partner sucks. Is it really so bad to be at my level of fitness? My friends all consider me their “fit” friend, and so what if I can’t really see my abs yet? I’ve usually got a t-shirt on anyway. And I’ve got enough of a figure to look pretty good in a t-shirt, especially after the last week of V-dieting. Why not call it off, get a steak?

After the sixth circuit, I felt great. It’s the most counter-intuitive thing in the world, I think - every repetition is burning a little bit more than the last, your arms and legs are shaking, and every free brain cell is focused on just not collapsing. But when you finish, rinse off, start sipping that Surge, and put your people clothes on again… it feels like you’re ready to do it again. Wide awake, alert, strong, like the world is your bitch.

Oh, and with the sweat out of my nose, I was totally right. Those shorts smelled like ass. So did I, before my shower.

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