Two a Day Workouts

I was thinking of trying something new to lose weight. My work-out would be as follows:

AM - NEPA Walk followed by a heavier lifting session but short in duration.
PM - moderate to higher rep lifting or conditioning work…maybe a shorten crossfit type workout.

How would I best use supplements? I was thinking MAG-10 upon waking, Plazma during heavier lifing in AM. Not sure whether to use MAG-10 or Plazma for the PM training.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

First, remember that diet is going to be the biggest factor here, but we’re sure you have that planned out too.

That aside, your AM plan looks good. You can adjust the amount of <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma used based on the length and intensity of your training. For example, you may need only the pre-load serving and one serving during for a shorter session.

For your PM workout, if it’s conditioning only, we suggest <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10. This will fuel you through and prevent any possible muscle loss from “cardio” type work. And you’ll actually burn fat faster. If you decide to lift, Plazma is the way to go, again adjusted based on length and intensity of the workout.


For the diet I was basically going to go with a pulse feast concept. Does this seem reasonable to you? Just trying to shake up my metabolism twice a day to see the impact.

Also would Indigo-3G be appropriate before any Plazma consumption?

Sure, a Pulse Feast style of plan will do the trick, and it’s wise to keep the peri-workout nutrition (Plazma and/or Mag-10) in place.

<a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G has multiple benefits for fixing the underlying issues that cause easy fat gain and slow muscle gain. I can’t recommend it enough as a former fat boy myself who always had nutrient uptake issues. Single most important supplement of my life. It’s not mandatory to use Indigo-3G with Plazma, but it does help drive it deep into the muscles.

The only issue may be that Indigo-3G works best if you give it something to repartition. In others, you don’t avoid carbs while on it, just choose them wisely. But this will still work with your plan as you’d take a serving of Indigo-3G before training, and another serving before the evening meal. You’d just want to keep servings of Indigo-3G about 6 hours apart since one dose is “in you” and doing its thing for at least 6 hours, so no need to overlap dosages.

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