So, I understand that doing the Velocity Diet is a major shift in lifestyle, and that’s why it’s not something I would jump into half-hearted or lightly.

I am very thankful there are stickies on this board that have what the REAL plan is, because his forum subsection is littered with ‘tweakers’…people looking for ways to change/modify/adjust what to me is a simply straightforward plan. Simplicity is beauty in this case.

I’ll quote the line from “Fight Club”:

You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake…


Be happy with your custom ringtone, your custom wallpaper on your computer, embroidered shirts and i-pod playlists.

When someone comes up with a program that works, has been proven and is successful because it doesn’t call for or really allow for tweaks, why are there so many cocky folks that think they’re going to do it BETTER?

Yeah, it’s a rant…yeah, you might wanna flame me for it, but all I see when I see people making all these changes or asking “can I do this or that” when on the diet is a bunch of people that think their case is unique, and that they deserve or warrant a ‘special version’.

I’m not buying it, snowflake.

I’m not gonna flame you.

Your point is very valid. I see Shugs popping in and trying to help, and some people choose to ignore it. Disheartening to say the least.

What can you do? If they want to fail, I say let them. This diet is looked down on by the more experienced lifters simply because the wrong people try to do the diet.

good post… funny how it only got 1 comment so far though.

theres the V-Diet and there’s PSMF (protein sparing modified fast). although the V-Diet IS a psmf… it follows a specific protocol, for specific reasons.

people don’t understand this. if you aren’t gonna utilize the Velocity Diet as it was intended… then just start posting stupid questions and modifications in the nutrition forum.

drinking a few shakes a day, and finding ways to eat really shitty tasting food, doing some “custom” workout, doing cardio, extended periods of abzzzz, and making your “HSM meal” nachoes doesn’t come close to being a the V-DIET.

now go drink a shake.

is someone insinuating that you cannot make healthy nachos?

Someone is insinuating that ones HSM should not be trying to replicate a junk food that was given up rather it should be a well balanced meal that will be the pinnacle of taste every week and that after the diet is finished such a meal shall be an everyday occurrence.

why the heck can you not take a “junk” food and make it into a healthy alternative. Its done all the time. I make home made pizza wiht proper macro ratios, about 500 cals for half a pizza, in a good 40-30-30 split. Why have sugar free jello? why have fat free salad dressing. learning how to eat clean, and healthy is about manipulating good foods and substituting.

i’ll agree with healthy alternatives.

lets just say that after a week of 0 solid food, the last thing I want to be craving is “low carb style chips”

yeah definatly. my first week, i went to ruby tuesday, ate a small steak and about a metric shit ton of veggies, and immediately starting planning which new salad bar i would attack the next weekend. needless to say, im trying sweet tomatoes tomorrow. huzzah!!

[quote]Dolce wrote:

lets just say that after a week of 0 solid food, the last thing I want to be craving is “low carb style chips”[/quote]

What I was trying to say…in one sentence.

You know, with that subject line, I was expecting the topic to go somewhere else. HOT-ROX can make me feel hyper, but not THAT hyper!

I saw a thread with a possible “tweaker” and saw someone linked back to this thread. Hilarious.

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