Turning Back the Clock!

I chose that subject title, because I am starting the V-Diet today and that is my goal with this endeavour. Now for a little background that has got me to commit to this program.

In my early years, I played a lot soccer and football all the way through High School. After that, I owned my fence company which was very physically demanding(I did not have a bodybuilder build, but consider myself as strong as a ox). It was that mentality that served me well or justified the condition I was in as life progressed. Let me put another way, thats going from 180lbs. to present day 270lbs., all until the last 15 to 20 I would be somewhat fine with the way I looked(remember strong as an ox). Well I am starring 47 in the face and for the last year the ox is feeling tired, overloaded, and generally abused. I know that my old “just go run for a few months” or “go to the gym for awhile” is going to work. See, there is more to this problem than activity, it’s my lifestyle. I am what you would call a social being, I love to go eat, drink, and smoke with my friends. In fact, it sometimes gets on my girlfriends nerves because I am always going to the ballgame, races, hunting, etc… So with that all being said, I have committed to doing something good for old ox. Here are the day one stats:

Height 5’11"
Weight 270.2
BF% 36.3
Neck 18
Shoulder 50
Chest 47/47
Waist 53
Hip 49
Arms 15/15
U Leg 26R/28/L
L Leg 17/17

Pictures to post shortly

u can do it There’ll be days it’ll suck, but keep on pushing, it will be worth the fight.

Welcome aboard! We look forward to seeing your progress!

Well, here is the update.
Right out of the gate, Sunday afternoon(day 1) my friend call me up and invites me over for some Elk Chili. I have not told many of my friends, I don’t want to alter what normal life brings to me. I do want to alter my responses or actions. So, I just said no thanks and explained why. I picked Sunday to start because I want to control my surroundings. Get use to the products, timing, avoid anything distracting me. Then came Monday, I got up an hour and half early and went to the gym. Got in and out, everything on track. Flashback to last Saturday, my business partner went to the doctor with a nasty chest infection. He is very ill and by mid Monday crud was coming out of my nose and throat. I was a very unrested and sleepless night. Still, I followed the plan to the letter of the law and today(Tuesday) 90% of the crud is gone and the only thing thats really sore is my pecs from such a good workout. I needed to see if there is any progress, so step on the scale this morning. WOW, 4.8lbs loss, that is in 48 hours. I will go to bed early tonight to try to finish this cough off.

P.S. Thanks Bigfun4040, I’m still nervous back staying the course, I have never tried to control my body to this degree. But, drastic change takes drastic actions!

No problem man! You can definitely do it. Once you get into the groove you don’t realize how fast the diet goes by. I’ve only got a couple of days left and it seems like I just started.

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