Turkey Dinner EH!

Hey Chris,

I’ve been going strong with the V-diet for just under 2 weeks (peanuts i know) it seems i
have already lost 10lbs, have not fallen of the wagon. Unfortunately the people around me
don’t understand what I am trying to accomplish and all I’ve been hearing is:

  • “ohh one wont hurt!”
  • “Well why not!?”
  • “why cant you just have a salad then?”
  • “I dont agree with what you’re doing, you’re starving yourself, this is not healthy”
  • “As soon as you are done with this whole ‘crazy diet’ thing, you’re gonna put all that weight
    back on in a matter of days”
  • “Well Dr. Oz… blah blah blah…” some bullshit about how a heart surgeon is giving people
    nutritional advice.

But I digress… I need a new circle of friends.

I am really hoping you will be reading the Forums on the weekend, I am in a last minute
pickle, and boy; is it a doozey!

Well Its Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, where we take time to celebrate Cable TV,
Telephones, and Motorized Cars! (No more Dog sleds!!)

Now time for my Question:

I was wondering what would consist of a generic Thanksgiving Supper that would fit into
the HSM for the week? I would like to enjoy a nice family supper, but also have everything
fit into the V-Diet machine. I am prepared to tell them all to GO TO HELL! if this is what you
advise, with no penalty towards yourself.

Some helpful tips would be much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Sean - Infuential

P.S - We don’t say “Aboot” or “eh” just around Americans… Sorry

As with any meal, stick to meat and veggies for the most part. Not sure if you crazy Canadians do the same things we do for Thanksgiving, but that would mean lots of turkey here. See my post here for some cooking ideas:

If you’re not cooking, then consider bringing your own dessert and a side. Just go to our HSM section, find a recipe or two, bring it to dinner: That way you’ll know there will be something to eat that fits your diet.

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