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My little fridge at work is stocked for the next few days with my SPIKE, PLAZMA and post training meals.


Amazing transformation Tunya. Your progress pictures are very inspiring to many people! Looks like that fridge belongs to a very dedicated woman :wink:
Keep it up girl, you’re doing great!!!

Is that Blue SPIKE I see?? YUM!!! :heart_eyes:


Awwww mahalo Bronwen. Mahalo for all of your encouragement and support over the past nine months!

Nice to see you checking in here.

Yes that is Blue RAZ. That stuff is so good. I need to order a couple more cases. I took those from the gym stock. I only ordered one case to see how well it would go over. Let’s just say I could probably auction those last two cans off for $10 each. LMAO.

Left side containers are my two cups of veggies. Right side containers are my 4oz of seared Ahi. See pic.


Getting some actual weight on the bar now. In addition, am able to be more explosive with no impact to the knee. Things are progressing very nicely for me.

My thanks go out to my Coach, Amit Sapir, and to Tim Patterson and all of Biotest/T-Nation. Everyone has just been amazing!


This lady is developing some traps and really starting to lean out. Can actually see some back muscles popping out there. WOOOOOOOOYEAH!!!


Tuesday, February 23, 2015

Today I saw the Orthopedic surgeon for my final post-op check up. He said I got an A+ and have passed his program. Cautioned me to still keep my cardio on a flat surface and maybe next month I can start increasing the incline. Also, he said to keep things low or no impact still. To back off training if I feel the knee is getting strained, rest, ice it and then return back to my training.

So I am released from his care and I AM FREE at last! Three months from beginning to end. I think that is pretty remarkable.


After showing my Mom a current comparison picture she made the comment that it looked like my tattoo was shrinking inward. So I went looking for a picture from a few years ago when I first started on my journey with Testosterone Nation/Biotest. I had less off a back tattoo but I wanted to show how my beginning tattoo’s have changed location as my body continue’s to shrink.

It’s kind of crazy how the little Honu has completely relocated. The larger honu has decided to swim a little bit more to the south.

I put together another 5-year side-by-side picture and will get it posted in the next couple of days. Would like to do a little write up about my journey.


Five year’s ago at the prompting of my business partner, Byron, I asked a representative from Testosterone Nation if I could also participate in their new project…INDIGO.

There have been some valley’s but ohhhhh so many peaks on this journey. I will have to try and find my starting measurments and get them posted in the comments but until then, check out the picture and you can see what a dramatic transformation I have gone through already.

Through this journey I have had the honor to be coached by some amazing professionals. Each one of them has helped me to develop into the athlete and amazing woman that I am becoming. Mahalo to Christian Thibaudeau, John Meadows, Dani Shugart, Chris Shugart and now Amit Sapir.

This journey wouldn’t have been possible with out the love and support of my mother, Sandra Ricketts. She is my definition of a strong woman who has come through so many valley’s only to have conquered the highest peak. She is a level of strength that I can only aspire to reach.

I cannot express enough my deepest gratitude to Byron and all the years of support he has given me. The support that all of the T-Nation readers, staff, coaches and the man, Tim Patterson, have given me is PRICELESS.

Each day I still see a woman who has a lot of work to do. I never realize how far I have come until last week when I put this comparison together. I sat and cried.

I will always have some little things that I have to train around. I still deal with a chronic hive condition when I get too tired, too hot or if my body or brain just gets over stressed. Now I have learned that I have Lipodema. No worries. I continue to chip away at the negative parts of my physique that can be changed.

I wake up each day striving to train harder, to push further and just be a better healthier version of myself, than I was the day before. I have a life time of work a head of me and a deep well of perseverance from which to pull from.

I am looking forward to future competitions with the goal of pulling on an international platform.

Let’s do this!


This was my first time training in my Bench gear since June of last year. Just worked on staying tight, worked on form and whether I could get my foot flat on the floor and all the way back without stressing the knee. VIOLA!! We have success. Knee is holding up well. Didn’t push the session and stopped myself at 275lbs.


Here are some of my latest training video’s.

95lb Clean High Pull from Floor

45lbs One-Arm DB Power Snatch

Geared Bench Training - Killer B - 275lbs x 5

Hope you enjoy!


My newest comparison - 2 months shy of 5 years apart in pictures.


Back comparison.



For those of you following my progress I have moved my log over to the Training Logs section. More update at that location.

Here is a link:


SUNDAY, MARCH 27, 2016

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you’re having a beautiful day.

I have just finished updating my training log. Check it out in the Training Logs forum.


Updated my Training Log yesterday with most current comparison pics.

Check it out.


Have you checked out my updates over in the Training Logs lately??? Some fun stuff over there.


Aloha Everyone.

My life has become crazy, but I am still getting my training in. Here is an updated comparison shot for all you T-Nation-nites who follow my progress.