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As T-Nation flows into a new era with their website, so must I. For those that followed my Indigo log, it is still around but hidden within my user profile HUB. I have kept it updated but to make it easier on all I am creating a new log here under Diet Logs, Success Stories.

I am forever evolving letting nothing get in my way of becoming STRONGER, LEANER and even more HEALTHY. I am forever straddling that ledge of overall BADASSNESS!

This log will be about my continued journey with Biotest/T-Nation.

I am fueled by Biotest and now under the very watchful eye of Amit Sapir as my Coach. I have been working with Amit for six months now. My current stats show:

Loss of 54lbs off scale
Loss of 57lbs of fat weight
Loss of 50 inches off various parts of the body
Gain of 3lbs of Lean weight

This success was achieved even though I had to take the entire month of July off. I ended up with an infection in the connecting joints of the rib cage and sternum. Felt like I had broken ribs.

I look forward to seeing how the next six months go under Amit’s coaching.

I will get some pictures and video’s up as soon as I can.

For those that are new to Biotest/T-Nation, welcome to the 'ohana. If you would like to know my history and you have a few days for some reading you can check out my other log.

Check back for future updates.

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Keep up the hard work!


Yesterday was Squats & Deadlifts. Today I have Squats and High Snatch Pulls. In Amit’s programming he has me working on my SQUATS all the time. :smiley: Mahalo for that Amit​.

I have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams with getting down below 10-inches. Before Amit, the deepest I went was about 14-inches. However, getting below 10-inches has been with bodyweight only. Now we are trying to add some weight to the equation.

For whatever reason, I put the bar on my shoulders (high or low bar) and my body will not go to that depth. I fold forward. Grrrrr very frustrating. I need to get my body use to coming up out of the hole with more than my bodyweight. I have tried a couple of different things, like starting from the hole. NOPE! That puts to much pressure on my injured right knee.

Upon Amit’s suggestion I used a wooden rod. I am having a HUGE mental block when anything sits on my shoulders for obtaining the depth. Very frustrating, but yet this is just one more obstacle I will OVERCOME and MASTER.

To add more weight to the body I added a 30-lb chain around my neck. This worked, I have video. Did Amit’s required sets and reps and then finished off with a set of pulsed Squats at the bottom.

I realized after using the chain that one of the issues I have with Squats is weight near the back of my neck. With a bulge at the C5/C6 and C1/C2 I am always extremely careful what I do that engages the neck area. I really need to get better at holding that weight with my Traps, getting my shoulder and Trap muscles stronger to do this.

I reminded myself that I have already made significant improvement in my Squats after only 4-weeks of Amit’s programming. I need to not expect them to be perfect over night.

Squats w/30lb Chain



Found out yesterday that I will need to have some knee surgery. I have a torn Medial Meniscus. The surgery is scheduled for December 2nd. I will continue working with Amit as he monitors my nutrition and when I am able to train the upper body, he will adjust my workouts.

The tear, more than likely, goes back to my 2006 car accident. I have a great support team in place and we are ready to meet this challenge straight on.



Worked on some Chest & Back today.

Now I am not like some of you amazing people that can do Pull-Ups with their body weight. That is not going to happen at this time. However, under Amit’s coaching, I could see that happening in the future. However, for now, I was using the Assisted Pull-Up machine.

Kneeling on the pad had become just impossible because of the pain in my right knee. I came up with the idea of sitting on the pad and facing out. Range of motion seemed greatly reduced as it didn’t allow the seat to go down deep enough.

This morning I wondered what would happen if I added a single rope handle to the existing wide grip handle on the machine. I expected the grip/forearms to get some work from it.


So if you need the Assited Pull-Up machine and cannot use your leg while training, here is an alternative. Not only did I work my Back, the Forearms and hands were screaming afterwards.

I had one of my lifting partners try it and he couldn’t believe how much more difficult it was.

I love Pull-Ups and now I feel like I am really working them. This set was only 6 reps. I started with a higher rep range and then worked down per Amit’s program.

Modified Assisted Pull-Ups


Some random training video’s.

  • Geared Bench Training - 445lbs x 5 reps. The first rep was a little shaky, but the remaining 4 were right on point.

KillerB Bench Shirt Training 445lbs

  • Geared Bench Training - 465lbs x 3 reps. I was suppose to do 5 reps but the wrist buckled.

KillerB Bench Shirt Training 465lbs


Thought I would provide you with a list of Biotest supplements I am taking. Might be easier to list the couple of things that I don’t take. LOL

Metabolic Drive
Power Drive
Superfoods (on my low and no carb days)

I think that’s everything.


As of yesterday, 26 weeks coaching with Amit Sapir, I am down 58lbs off the scale and 59lbs of fat. This is averaging out to be a 2.2lb loss per week.

Happy camper over here in Hilo, Hawaii. Looking forward to what my results are in another 26 weeks.



This totally happened as of yesterday. My Incline Interval Treadmill cardio is a key component to my transformation.



Yesterday was suppose to be my third day in my training program rotation. Woke up at 3am like usual but the day turned into a huge mess of things. By 4 in the afternoon there was no time to train and I was falling asleep at the wheel trying to get home at 5:30pm.

Got the Bench training in this morning.

My program called for sets of 5 reps. Lots of sets with the last one doing as many reps as I could. I got 8 reps @ 225lbs.

Happy girl.


On SQUAT and DEADLIFT day, this is how I fuel up.

Mahalo nui loa Tim Patterson and Testosterone Nation/Biotest for having the best products.



Working on Squat Depth still. Lately once I get the bar on my shoulders I cannot get the depth.

You can’t tell because of the camera angle, but the depth is just under 10 inches. The box is six, each plate is about one inch each and the black mat is about 1/4 of an inch.

I got to the bottom finally, touched and my right knee locked/buckled and couldn’t push back up because of the pain. Now I will take the depth back up to just under 12 and work it with weight until my knee surgery, testing the depth with at least one set each time I Squat.

I am really happy to get this far. Look forward to going much further once the knee is repaired and I am back at it.


I havent caught up with some of “the crew” here in a while… you are still killing it, I see. Keep up the amazing work. I look forward to your next 50 pounds in 6 months.


Aloooooha Lonnie,

Yes I am still here killing it. It’s hard to keep up with “the crew” now that we don’t have the live chat forum. :frowning:.

Mahalo for looking me up.


-64lbs off Scale
-64lbs of Fat GONE
-56.5 inches off the body (which includes 10 inches off hips and 7 inches off waist - these two measurements explain why my pants are always so loose)


Aloha Everyone.

I am now 8-days post knee surgery. I was expecting all this pain as many people shared their horror stories with me. LMAO! Really drugged myself up the first couple of days, but then I realized I wasn’t having any pain. So I weaned myself off and am just taking Advil for the ache that occurs from time to time. Swelling and bruising were very minimal.

I had my first day of physical therapy yesterday. There was definitely an increase in pain during my physical therapy session. LOL. I told the therapist he was ruining my knee surgery experience by causing all this pain. He was actually surprised at how much range of motion my knee had just 7 day’s out from surgery.

I honestly feel, the last two months spent doing squats down below a 10-inch depth really prepared my knee for this surgery. I was able to bend the knee to 92% before feeling the pressure. On the extension (which was a problem prior to surgery and couldn’t do) I was able to extend out to a 33%. All of these were great numbers to be starting rehab off with.

The surgeon said my tendons and bones are beautiful and other than the tear, I am very medically sound. :smiley:

I have about 6-weeks of physical therapy to get through. I look forward to returning to some upper body training as the New Year comes around.

Just prior to surgery, my scale was showing a loss of 69 pounds. OH YEAH!!!

Amit put together a special post surgery menu which I have been following. As I can’t stand straight up and put 100% weight on the leg, I am unable to check scale weight at this time. However, the size decrease in the legs has been crazy over this last week.

This is the first that I have really been able to sit at the computer. I will keep everyone updated as I can.




Today makes eleven short days since my knee surgery. I was originally told I would be on crutches for 6-8 weeks with the shortest amount of time maybe 4-weeks. I am off the crutches. Only using them for uneven surfaces, especially the stairs.

My knee is 100% weight bearing. I am walking very slow and deliberate to move without limping. I do physical therapy 3-5 times a day depending on the exercise and what the therapist has recommended. I am excited for a complete recovery and to be better than I was before surgery.

Greatest thing has been that my fat loss/body transformation has still been moving in the right direction. Mahalo to my coach Amit Sapir for the post surgery menu and to Testosterone Nation for all the great supplements I am using through my recovery.

I was really hoping at my last doctor’s appointment he would be releasing me to return to work. I figure I can sit at the desk in the gym just as well as I can sit on the couch at home. Honestly glad he didn’t. Even the surgeon is completely blown away at how fast I am healing, but he keeps me in check. I had surgery. It was only one week, so no he wasn’t going to release me. LMAO. I have another follow-up on Tuesday. We shall see how this one goes.



As most of you know, I have been working with Amit Sapir since May of 2015. Started off with just nutritional coaching and then a couple of months ago went the full gambit with training as well.

Even with taking the month of July off training due to a chest infection, the month of December and probably January due to knee surgery, I am still down 70lbs off the scale. A lot of inches right off my thighs, hips and stomach area.
This is a side-by-side comparison from the beginning of May to my current pic from Sunday, December 13, 2015. I used the pencil sketch feature to give a different perspective. I think it really shows off the difference better than the regular photo does.

Mahalo Amit Sapir for your great coaching. Mahalo to Testosterone Nation for ALL of your support and for your awesome supplements. I can’t wait to see what we can do once I can get back to full training.


Nine months ago I read a post from Dustin Reed on Testosterone Nation about his work with Coach Amit Sapir. I was so awed by the write up and before/after pictures that without thinking, I contacted Amit for his prices and signed up for nutritional coaching. Several months ago I bit the bullet and signed up for the whole package nutrition and training.

What good transformation story doesn’t have a few ups and downs; mine would be no different. I never do things the easy way. Amit has seen me through no training in July 2015 due to inflammation in the joints connecting my rib cage to the sternum. He has seen me through no training in December due to knee surgery and was there to minimize any back lash from no training with the perfect post surgery nutrition plan. Once again he was there with a great post-surgery training program. Now, in addition, we’re having to once again train around those nasty little HIVES!!!

My transformation and recovery has been phenomenal with all the amazing support and supplements from Testosterone Nation/Biotest. Mahalo to Tim Patterson and all of the staff/coaches over the past several years. Your support and belief in me has put me far above where I could have been.

My transformation is far from over, but in the 9 months (WOW, can’t believe it’s been that long) of coaching with Amit, I am down 64lbs of fat, 11 inches off my hip/glute area and a total loss of 55 inches from the body. I think that’s pretty awesome considering we have had only six great months of training in the nine we have been working together.

In the photo I am wearing the exact same clothing including the undergarments. The beginning shot I just had the straps crossed. I have lost so much fat that the cami just fits completely different, but it is the same one. I was trying to recreate the exact same shot so I didn’t use a binder clip on my shorts. However they kept sliding down as I have a lot less hips and booty to hold them up. LMAO!!! Literally laughing my ass off…okay well there was more to it than laughing, probably all those SQWATS that Amit makes me do.

Mahalo to all THE MANY PEOPLE who are constantly there with all of your encouragement and support. YOU MAKE THIS EASIER!

I can see the competition platform in my future!!!