Trying to Cut Up


Going to Florida for 2 weeks holidays in 6 weeks time.My weight is 82kg and body fat av 18%.Keeping my diet fairly clean but having trouble dropping body fat.Any tips or advice would be great.


100g carb cure:

Cut out all milk, grains, alcohol, sugar, sugar alcohols

You can also order the V-Diet, just enough time for shipping, starting and finishing before the vacation.

Pulse fasting works.

You say fairly clean, are you sure it’s only just “fairly”. Keep a food log, keep a photo food log, review what you’re eating every day.

Do Sprints. There is so much you can do, but there is no magic trick to go from 18% bf ( for what that measurement is worth ) to beach-abs ready in 6 weeks. Change your diet now and reap the benefits as they come.