Trouble with Cheat Days?

Hey Chris
I was on diet for few months and my ABS now looks perfect,veins are also visible.I didn’t have for three months any ‘cheat day or meal’.Now question is…
What if I give self a break one day and eat all what I want,what could happen with my ABS??
I know something about retention of water but not too much,could I go back after few days after ‘cheat’ to my initial state or what?
And how fat I can get for that one day,I’m talking about 7000-8000 calories
Thank you

I don’t like cheat days. Too many addictive properties that make them harder and harder to resist. Sure, you may be able to “get away with it” for a while, but they always come back to bite you.

Better to do clean refeeds rather than full-on cheats. Just quit the shit food forever and stop taking several steps backward or rolling the dice. Also, learn to cook delicious healthy foods that are just as good as the cheats and have at them. Soon the cheats will begin to taste like what they are: toxic messes.

Thibaudeau and I wrote more on this here:

I read your topic and it’s very usefull :slight_smile:
So if do one day of clean refeed or something like cheat meal if I undrstand you good I can’t get too much fat from that one day and after few days I backs to normal condition
Sorry for so much question, I know that they are maybe sounds stupid.

Science says its impossible to gain 7lbs of fat in a 7 day period…alls I can say is, MYTH BUSTED.

I didn’t mean on 7 day period of eating,just 1 day with 5000+ calories
I’m affraid that one day of eating such food could ‘‘destroy’’ completely my diet and work out,that’s the reason that I asked about.

One day or one meal isn’t going to make anyone “fat”. Bloated maybe, but not fat. My main concern is setting up bad habits and addictions, creating cravings that make clean eating after a cheat meal difficult, etc. The book “The End of Overeating” and “Wheat Belly” really get into the science. Good info.

‘‘Bloated’’ you mean something like retention of water,this problem dissapear through few days?
And Chris I have few more question abotu something else
First eating fruits,to be precise WATERMELON.Is this cheating because she contain a large a amount of fructose?
And one more,well I have such kind of metabolism that I could easily gain weight but on the other hand neither removing fat is not problem
for me,I could easily do both when I want.
What do you think,is it good or bad having ‘‘that kind’’ of metabolism?

  1. Water, food in digestive system i.e food baby, possible inflammation. It goes away. How about if you’re that panicked about gaining fat you just not have cheat meals? Crazy, I know.

  2. Read our article, The Evils of Fructose, in the archives.

  3. You tell me.

Thank you very much I’ll read.Well,your answers helped me a lot.
And,yes on more question
I curently have 160 Ibs,train 6 times a week.Three days of aerobic activity 45min and three days weightlifting
My macronutrients curently are divided in the following way:
250 gr of carbohydrates
150 gr of protein
and 20-30 gr of fats.

Before it was something like this
100 gr of carbohyrates
250 gr of proteins
and 10 gr of fats
Your opinion,first or second?
Again thank you

Honesty, I cannot guess at what macro plan works best for you over the internet. I don’t even know for sure if you’re male or female, how tall you are, if you’re 13 years old or 65, or how exactly you train. And your goals are all over the place. And unless you’re 5’2" you need to focus on building muscle.

And read this about cardio: Adopt the plan listed at the end.

Lots of free plans available here on T-Nation, training and diet.

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
And unless you’re 5’2" you need to focus on building muscle.


^ This

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