Trouble Sleeping on V-Diet


I am on Day 10 of my diet today. One thing I have noticed several nights during this diet is that I have trouble getting to sleep. It takes a while for me to fall asleep, even when I’m tired, and I will sometimes be almost out and then suddenly wake up. Additionally, I sometimes feel a bit nervous. I know its not HOT-ROX because I’m not taking those. And I’m not having any late caffeine. I even tried taking some melatonin one night. Usually it works great, but it didn’t help that night. My questions are:

  1. Has anyone experienced this?
  2. What do you think is causing it?
  3. Any suggestions on what to do about it?

Thanks, Chris! I am otherwise blazing through this diet without trouble.


Just about any dietary or lifestyle change, positive or negative, can change sleep patterns, at least temporarily. If it’s a positive change, say, reducing carbs, then the body will adjust over time. (People get used to using “carb crashes” to knock themselves out at night. That can work, but of course it also wrecks their bodies and their health.)

I’d suggest Z12 to get you over the hump. Here’s the link:


Thanks, Chris! I will probably see how the rest of this week goes and then decide what to do from there.