Trouble Getting the Shakes Down


Hey Chris,

Apologies because I am sure there is a thread somewhere about this, I am too lazy to find it.

I’m having some trouble drinking the shakes, the volume is just too much, even though I don’t use that much ice/water.

If I have less than what was calculated in the diet is it going to be a problem? For example 1 scoop instead of 2? Will it have a serious effect on muscle mass/strength etc?

Thanks in advance for your time on this.


You can decrease by one scoop of protein per day and cut the flax in half.

Any more than that and yes, you risk metabolism damage from too few calories, muscle loss, etc.

And yes, there are several helpful threads about this same issue.


Cut the liquid in them back( make them thick ).
Take a sip, swish it around to get the taste in your mouth then down the rest( best results with lid off shaker bottle for downing ).

Force a couple down by chugging and you’ll get used to the volume.