Trim the Beef V-Diet Log

Alright so I have finally gotten around to posting. I started this V-Diet on December 14 and I plan on posting some measurements/pictures this weekend (as a side note I did step on the scale at the start and it said I was 211lbs). I know they won’t be my true starting measurements but I am not overly worried about those mostly how I look in the mirror.

So just a little back story for those of you that care to read this all. So I have always been a ‘bigger’ kid. You know the ones that are big boned, or so their mothers say, and have all their baby fat. Mind you I was fairly athletic and I played multiple sports ranging from speed swimming to rugby and pretty much everything between. My passion was for hockey though, just like a good Canadian boy. When I was about 14 I started doing some weight training to help my strength, skating, etc. This first foray into ‘pumping iron’ sparked a little flame inside me.

So now if we fast forward to the end of my hockey ‘career’ and by end I mean I realized that I wasn’t going to be making bajillions of dollars in the NHL :frowning: This is when I got into, what I called, serious training. I had the opportunity to train at the same facility as the Canadian National Bobsledders, lugers, skiers, etc. I was training 6 days a week and I got huge…still covered by that baby fat unfortunately. I weighed about 230 and as a guess was probably 20% bf…could be a little more.

So now lets jump ahead to two years ago. I finished school and started working. An opportunity arose for me to travel to Portland, OR for work. At that point (after looking at my now very soft and flabby self in the mirror) I decided that I was going to get myself back into shape. I really had no excuse not to. I knew no one, my social life was nil so this was the perfect opportunity.

I started out with doing Waterbury’s 10x10 program. It went really well and I dropped about 5-10lbs and I felt and looked a ton better. After I completed this I got an email from Precision Nutrition (John Berardi’s deal) and they were doing a Lean Eating program and spots were limited so I jumped all over that!! It was a 4 month long program with some personal coaching. I must say it was pretty good. I finished that in October of last year and I had gotten down to 195lbs and roughly 10-12% bf. I must say damn I was sexy.

Now this is when things started to fall apart for me. I had made some friends and starting dating this girl and I was allowing their eating habits to overtake my own. So after a year of crappy eating I am pretty much back to where I started 2 years ago. So here we are…basically by my definition (my gf doesn’t agree though) I am fat and disgusting. I decided to say F this shit!! I am going to do the V-Diet and I am going to succeed and I am going to get back to where I was before I got all sloppy.

Now just because I wanted to keep my intro separate from my updates so I am officially 5 days in and things are starting to go fairly well. I had a few issues at the start which I’ll talk about in a min. I have gotten buy in from the gf and the roommate…although they don’t really have much choice at least they are supporting me and asking how things are going.

My gf has said that I already look smaller…not sure if she was talking about my championship belt (spare tire) or what but I feel like it’s already shrunk a little bit. I have randomly stepped on the scale a few times over the week and it read 203 this morning. That was kind of nice :slight_smile: even though I know that’s not the true measure it still has a reassuring effect that this diet is working.

So now about my issues. I had the hershey squirts from day 2 and it seems like they have just cleared up now. I am not sure if I was eating something that was expired or what but my stomach was angry at me…and so was my butt :x. I added the fiber pills hoping that would bind everything together and I read through some of the ‘Ask Chris’ posts and didn’t see anything about anyone getting the squirts. I was extremely tempted to get some immodium. Bah!

Oh well that seems to be fixed and I am enjoying my shakes a little bit more now and not worrying about what form it’ll come out in later. Another thing I noticed, which was talked about, was the frequency and size of my bowel movements have gone waaaaaaaaaay down. I think I am down to 2 rabbit poops a day.

My other issue was around the superfood and mixing it in shakes. Personally I recommend NOT mixing it. Have it separate. Mixing it all together was making me seriously detest this and I was wondering if I was even going to make it one week let alone four. But after some experimenting here we are.

I am getting amped up for the deadlift workout (intermediate program) tonight and slightly dreading the v-burn challenge.

Hi Beef,
Good story! Looking forward to reading this log. Looks like you have everything under control right now. Keep it up!
How are you gonna handle christmas and new years eve? How old are you (if I may ask ;)). Also looking forward to your progress pics, if you are willing to post these.

I’m on day 15. For me its all going like a breeze. No problems what so ever. Just have to keep drinking those shakes and don’t think to much about it…

We have fairly similair history. Always a lot of sports, but also a lot of food. Athletic built, but never quite there where you’d wanna be. Always that thing called life standing in the way ;). Judging by your weight your a lot bigger then me. Either in muscle or in height. BF % match, so it’ll be interesting for me to see where you end up.

Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Hey Naga thanks for the post.

Well I am going home for 5 days. I am originally from Calgary, Canada and I am working down in Portland, Or. So I will be going home for 5 days from the 24th to the 28th. Essentially the 24th and 28th are travel days so I am not too worried about those days. It’ll be the days in between. But I figure just plug away with the shakes and that’s it.

As for new years, I had discussed doing the vdiet with my gf and she is supporting me. We are just going to stay in and have a HSM on the 31st. The days in between my travel home and new years I will be working so I feel that I’ll be busy enough to stay on track.

So I am 5’10" and I am 28 years old.

So the picture here is what I looked like in roughly October of last year. Yes I realize I am posing in my room and yes I realize it’s dorky. Deal with it.

Here is current…pardon the boxer briefs…I am not that shy haha

weird how they won’t let you post without text…um Front



Hmmm…you’re shorter then me, leaner then me and heavier then me…not good for my ego :slight_smile: LOL.

Looking forward to see your progress! In all honesty…your shape is not that bad. I mean, I get why you wanna change back to the first pic shape…but right now…you’re by no means a fat guy. So the end result should be awesome. Go for it!

[quote]naga wrote:
Hmmm…you’re shorter then me, leaner then me and heavier then me…not good for my ego :slight_smile: LOL.

Looking forward to see your progress! In all honesty…your shape is not that bad. I mean, I get why you wanna change back to the first pic shape…but right now…you’re by no means a fat guy. So the end result should be awesome. Go for it!

haha…well I was blessed with a little size and I agree that I probably could be worse off. However, holding myself to the standard that I do, I am not sure I could handle being worse off with out crying like a little baby.

I am excited for this. I did slightly butcher my weekend though. I stayed up late both friday and saturday which resulted in me sleeping in thus throwing off my shake schedule. I missed 2 on saturday and one on sunday. I know better from now on.

I was paroosing some of the old training logs. In some cases it’s pretty motivating, which helps me realize that this isn’t impossible. Well I knew that already but it reinforces the idea. I also noticed a lot of people stop posting, what’s up with this? Did they quit the diet or did they just stop posting cause there isn’t much support here? I think currently there are 4 people doing the v-diet at the same time that I am and one person has shown interest. I guess that goes to show you need a LARGE social support group which comes in several forms that way you can’t disappear into the tunnels of the internet and never been seen again.

hmmmmm…Confucius say those are my thoughts. That and I need to do more NEPA I have been walking on an incline after my workouts for 30mins and walking home from work but I don’t think this is enough.

Beef! my man!

about the logs…yeah…it’s a pitty that a lot of them stop halfway. But as I wrote in my OP, I’ve done that a couple of times over the years. Starting a log and never finishing it… For me that ment I quit my diet/training… and somehow it’s very hard to go back to the log to admit your failure and close the thread…so you end up just letting it ‘hang’ there…
But I agree…it’s funny how the encouragement of people (strangers really) who are going through the same hassle, actually help you get through.

About the NEPA: yeah…I’m lacking in that department myself. I do avoid elevators, I do avoid using my car if I can walk and I do occaisionally get on a tredmill for 30 min…but I guess thats not good enough… So, gonna do 1 hr on a tredmill today, before my workout (because after my workout I want my Surge!).

How are you holding up with the shakes and everything?

Well I guess in my favor I don’t own a car so I have to walk or catch the trolly but I just try and avoid that cause walking is almost just as fast. I was thinking about just walking the stairs at work a few times (it’s a 10 story building) but I felt near the end I was working harder than I should of been. Maybe I’ll just do it once instead of 3 times and that will be sufficient.

[quote]naga wrote:
About the NEPA: yeah…I’m lacking in that department myself. I do avoid elevators, I do avoid using my car if I can walk and I do occaisionally get on a tredmill for 30 min…but I guess thats not good enough… So, gonna do 1 hr on a tredmill today, before my workout (because after my workout I want my Surge!).

About that…I thought, in the Ask Chris forum, he said that if you are going to do your NEPA after on the treadmill that you should finish your Surge before you start. Maybe double check that but I am pretty sure I remember someone asking that question.

Shakes are going pretty good for the most part. I find I get really full off of them and I am hardly hungry. I still find that I am getting gassy thought…like nasty gassy. Not totally sure what to do about that one though other then tough it out.

My biggest challenge, so far, on the v-diet comes tomorrow and the next 4 days. Tomorrow I am leaving to go back home for Christmas break. I think the family will supportive but I am sure there will be some pressure to just have some food.

I have done all my weight workouts MTW(tonight)…probably not optimal but not sure what else to do as tomorrow is a write off and the gym will be closed friday. Saturday I planned on doing the v-burn just at home, not exactly sure where though but it’ll get done.

Hey man, don’t worry about it. I started my V-Diet yesterday. With the holidays here and traveling to my Mom’s house the will power will be tested. Like you said however, not being the only one shall help.

Heres the deal, report on your status each night let us know how you’ve held out or if you’ve given in. I’m gonna do the same, and watch out for the family members trying to give you food, that crap has already started for me… I just turn on my flip cam and they leave me alone…

Thanks for the support. The traveling was fine but man…my gut is rotten I’ve been having the squirts a lot! It’s getting frustrating. I posted a q for Chris in the ‘Ask Chris’ forum but I am not sure what to do.

I haven’t broken down yet but I’ve only been home for a few hours. Fingers crossed.

The only thing I get is the occasional fish burp! I made it through today no prob… I did go in to the kitchen and almost instinctively grabbed a spoon of stuffing to steal a bite as I walked past… then I realized what I was doing and promptly went for my nepa walk… keep up the good work

Hey man thanks for the support. Last night was the absolute worst. I had explosive diarrhea!! It was the worst. So with that being said, based off the recommendation of my mom who is a nurse and my sister who was studying to be a dr I did have some solid food last night. Kept it to veggies, hummus, home made guacamole, shrimp, and some oysters.

I posted in the ‘Ask Chris’ forum as I mentioned last night and he replied and didn’t have any suggestions as it wasn’t common apparently. I just don’t think I can continue if I have to endure diarrhea for the next 2 weeks its just not worth it. Although I feel this is a valid reason I also feel like I am letting you guys down. I thank you for your support, I guess I’ll just have to do this the old fashioned way and take a little longer to do it.

Tried lowering your water intake? Mix the shakes with less ect.

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