Tried it. Unsure. Tried Without It. Ordered More!


I tried Plazma and honestly wasn’t sure if it was making a difference or not. I ordered a second bag and upped the amount from one scoop to 1.25. I felt like maybe it was helping. So, then I went through a workout without Plazma and realized: I need more of this stuff in my life! So, I went all in.
And the comic-nerd in me got something out of it, too.
For those who’ve never done it, just use a shaker cup and gently swirl it around until there are no clumps bigger than a large grape (yes, a grape-sized clump is fine) and let it sit in the fridge for an hour or so and it goes into solution on it’s own. I make mine at night and lift first thing in the morning and it’s never a problem. No need to shake it until it foams. I don’t even use the included shaker jug. I use these shaker cups instead (the scoop fits inside it). Water, powder, flavoring, swirl, more water, another swirl, fridge. Done!



Sounds good, man. Glad to hear you’re liking the results.

And, yeah, those shakers are more than a little awesome. I’m refraining from Googling where to get them because I’d be too tempted to start the collection. Ha.