Triceptaurus Does the Big V

Got back from a 3 week work/vacation trip and logged on to T-Nation. There was the new V-Diet. I had done the earlier one with success and liked the more complete program with extra bits and pieces. So I jumped straight in. I started on Monday 23rd February. I have been very busy catching up with work so this is my first post.

I am on day 9 and all is well. Too well, I think. No real hunger issues at all which is good. A couple of times I have felt hungry but a drink of water fixed that so I guess it was mostly dehydration. (Very hot down here in the southern hemisphere in mid summer.) I normally drink 5 liters per day and the shakes are putting at least 2.5 liters in me every day which is also good.

No real cravings. I think this has been easier than the first diet as my lead up diet was much better. Low carb up to leaving for the trip then sensible eating for 3 weeks. OK, maybe a bit of ice cream the weekend I got back but basically not jumping into this from a McDonalds lifestyle and I think that is a factor in making it easier for me and harder for others coming off a crap diet. And lets face it, 90% of the people in your gym are on crap diets or “know I should be eating different”.

Next post will be on the exercise program.

My first week of the exercise program was a bit shakey. I had no real problems with the program, just getting the weight right. For example, I usually do squats with about 100-120kg. The overhead squats were a real wake up call. Sheesh. I had trouble with good form with an empty bar (20kg). I seem to have problems keeping the elbows locked during the movement.

The deadlifts were also a bit of a shock. I usually have one day where I do deadlifts and lower back and use about 160-180kg. I dropped down to 120kg and found it too easy with the short sets. But by the end of it I nearly passed out. Heart hammering, dizzy, speckled vision. No problem lifting, just finding the short rests very demanding on the nervous system.

The programs are much shorter than I am used to. I get to the end and think that I should do more but I am sticking to the recipe as directed. I can knock myself out when this is over.

With the V-Burn, there is a problem I have with the hand stand pushups. No wall to use at home and I have elbow/wrist problems so hoping someone can suggest an alternative. Not looking to dip out, just want something a little better for my wrists.

Wheel roll outs were crazy. Never done them before. Abs burnt for two days.

Adding weights to pull ups and dips and leg raisers to make it more in line with the intended challenge of the program.

My stats:

97kg (That was with a lot of water weight after my return flight, usually about 93-94 so I expect a big water drop this week)
189 cm (6’ 2 1/2")
About 15% body fat (down from 120kg over 3 years)
51 y/o

Sunday was my first HSM day. Very strange as I did not really feel like having it, but it is part of the plan so got out a nice steak, made up a big leafy salad with avocado and tomatos and lettuce, a small bit of sweet potato and headed off to a family reunion.

No problems resisting cream cakes, cookies, sauces, and all that other crap that seems to be the base of the food pyramid of most westerners. Even with my meal prepared in front of me I did not feel all that hungry and could have passed it up for a shake but “took one for the team”. I am sure it will do good to clear out the digestive system. I did enjoy it but back on the shakes and enjoying them.

Day 9 today and no cravings after my first two meals for the day. Having a bit of trouble sleeping but not from hunger. I keep wondering when the screaming craving beast is going to burst from the cupboard.

Really enjoying the nut butters. They were not in the first version of the diet. Like many others, I enjoy it more eating it separate. Just measured out onto a plate and nibble away. Yummy. I have a jar of peanut butter and one of mixed nut combo butter (cashew, hazel, brazil, macadamia) and I mix the two. If I get cravings for something solid I will try the frozen bar that others are doing, mixing it with flaxseed and freezing it.

What the hell is one serving of flaxseed? Did a search on this forum and came up with 2 tablespoons. I buy my flaxseed in bulk so there is no packaging with serving sizes or dispensers. I am just using the protein scoop.

I did a rough measure of two tablespoons and came up with 25 grams. One scoop is about 30 grams. It is much easier to use the scoop so I am going with that. I am assuming it will not make much difference because flaxseed is mostly undigestable fibre, right?

Oh, forgot to do my weigh in on sunday. I did the initial measure but seem to have misplaced the figures. I will post them when I find them. I think that by now my HSM will have “gone through the process” so will do a weigh in tomorrow morning then get back on track on Sunday with my second weigh in. Visually I don’t see much difference but I am not worried about that. The end result is what will count the most.

Sounds like you’re doing well and not getting the hunger pangs and cravings like I am. Damn, all day the only thing I can think of is food; and I literally count down the hours to my next shake/HSM!

If you don’t want your HSM, send it my way :frowning:

Hey Tricep -

Re your flaxseed question - one serving = 2TB for most milled flaxseed products.

I use “Hodgson Mill” Milled Flax seed, and the label looks like this:

Serving Size = 2 TB (13g)

Calories 60
Total Fat 5g
Total Carb 4g
Dietary Fiber 4g
Sugar 0g
Protein 3g

Calcium 2%
Iron 4%

If you’re buying in bulk, and grinding your own, I would think the best way to measure would be by weight (13g = One 60cal Serving)

At last. A precise flaxseed serving statement! Thanks heaps for that.

Start of day 10 and feeling fine. Well, OK. I must admit for some reason, and I assume it is the diet, I am feeling kinda tired and foggy during the day, usually in the afternoon. And my sleep has been a bit disturbed. But again it may be other external factors and general crap going on in my life.

No screaming beast yet (the craving monster) but I did hear some scratching in the closet yesterday. Not hungry, just feeling emptyish, if that is a word. Having a large glass of water always keeps it at bay.

One thing I do know though for those of you struggling:

Control the mind and the body will follow.

You can quote me on that.

6th training day, a repeat of day two with deadlifts. I was a little wiser this time and dropped the wieght down to 115kg and concentrated on breathing during the lifts and blowing hard between sets. No near blackouts this time but it still really wrung me out which is good. Monday’s workout seemed a bit light on. Today I felt like I had the weights nailed for each exercise and had good pumps for each, sticking to the 40 second rest periods.

I do have problems with short breaks between exercises as it is a busy gym and no way can you set everything up and just jump between them. Just setting up the deadlift bar with a bunch of plates and clamps takes a few minutes.

Also did a weigh in early this morning as I missed it on Sunday due to various factors. 97 when I started, down to 94kg. I guess that a lot of that is water so the scale weight I will be interested in is the next two where it will be fat burnt, not water expelled.

Day 11. This is no mans land. Not half way yet. Not early in the process. Not almost done. “Danger Will Robinson!”

Ran out of Metabolic Drive so I have to make do until my order arrives. I am using a WPI/WPC blend, one scoop, and adding a half scoop each of Micellar Casine and Calcium Casinate. Taste and texture was about right but of course the flavour is not as good.

A “no gym” day today. NEPA walks are dead easy for me as they were part of my regular cutting program anyway. Yesterday I snuck in a extra half hour late afternoon after a day in front of the computer. Gotta keep active to burn the fat. Still no major hunger cravings.

Forgot to ask, Fiber Choice is not available down here in the Antipodes. Anyone suggest an alternative? Flaxseed is no problem.

Day 12 and the end of the second week of workouts. I am still not in the groove with weight selection but I think I should be sorted for next week. Had trouble with push press today and close grip bench. It is a whole different kettle of fish when you cut the rest periods down so much. I am finding my iPhone stopwatch invaluable keeping track of rest periods.

I don’t know how anyone can get the rests spot on without a timer of some sort. By the end of an exercise I am certain the clock is running twice as fast.

I am loving the half hour workouts. In and out. Also saving heaps of time on my meals. 3 min meal prep frees up a lot of time. NEPA walks are a breeze. Still no real hunger issues as long as I stick to my meal schedule.

Discovered a great little trick if you feel nibbly. Take a teaspoon of protein powder and chew on it. It sort of turns into a sweet chewy ball like a jube candy. Just use a teaspoon less powder in the next meal.

I found out where I got my upper arm bruises. Front squats. I noticed a dark blue bruise, a bit sore, on my upper arms just below the delts. Well yesterdays barbell front squats showed me were they came from.

Day 13 today. I am having my solid meal today as there is a family lunch on. Just having a shake would be a bit discourteous what with all the work they will put into the preparation.

So looking forward to lots of salad and a bit of lean steak. Not that I have had cravings too badly. When I did the version 2 V diet it nearly killed me. I think that part of the lack of cravings was a low carb diet leading up to this.

Weigh in today:

Start weight: 97
Week one: 94 (well, 10 days in actually)
Week two: 93 (a day early)

So 4kg down (that’s almost 9lb to the metric illiterate)

I am aiming for 91 which will put me at about 12% bodyfat. Will I see an ab? Starting to see some shape down there.

Had my HSM a day early with the family gathering and all is well. Had chicken breast, salad, more salad, a bit of cheese and a crunchy apple off my tree. Oh, and a nice ripe fig off my fig tree. Really nice to eat fruit. Day 14 today so tomorrow will be the start of the second half of the program. I am focused, have a new supply of Banana Cream powder and loving it. For breakfast I added ice and a little less water and it was just fantastic. Letting things settle then off for the cardio workout. I intend treating myself to a black coffee after it is done.

One more benefit of the HSM is that it “cleans out” the digestive system. Much healthier and feeling of wellbeing is the result!! :slight_smile:

Monday, day 15. So I am over half way. Not thinking too much about that though. One day at a time, one meal at a time.

I have sorted out a problem I was having with overhead squats. The problem was keeping locked out in the arms. It turned into a shoulder workout as I was only managing about 25kg which is almost nothing. The squat part was easy, just could never lock out the arms.

With a bit of coaching from an experienced lifter I found that I was holding the bar directly overhead where the bar should be behind the head, when viewed side on. Also grip needs to be as wide as possible. With the bar further back, grip wider and pulling the bar apart the arms lock nicely.

Strange how the V-Diet can teach you olympic lifts.

I have discovered a simple but yummy alternative. Most of you are having your nut butter separate, something I found is much nicer after wasting it in my first shake.

Try adding one or two teaspoons of Metabolic Drive to the nut butter and stirring it up into a paste. Of course you would deduct that from what goes in the shake. A tasty and thicker change from the straight butter. You could always roll it up in greaseproof paper and freeze it into a nibble bar. Will try that tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

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