Tribex x Indigo-3G x Micro-PA Timing

I start working out at 6 every morning. Need some assistance on taking the the above supplements together.

A little uncertain on the Tribex dosing as it needs to be taken on an empty stomach.
I assume I should do Tribex then the Micro-PA then the Indigo-3G?

Tribex/Micro-PA at 5 AM followed by the Indigo-3G 30 minutes later, then the Surge at 5:45 and start my Plazma at 6 when I start my workout. Is this correct?

One of the mods may have more info but I think that should be fine.

Are you taking BOTH Surge and Plazma? If so, you shouldn’t be, they are stand alone products and should not be combined. If you do have both, just use Plazma and start sipping 15 min before you start training.

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