Tribex & Surge Recovery Nostalgia

So, um. Did anyone else get the email about Tribex and Surge Recovery being retired?

These two products were huge for me when I first discovered Biotest in the early 2000s.

Who remembers the original Tribex 500? The wild blue capsules?

And I know you cannot possibly have forgotten the original Surge flavor. There’s angel food cake, and there’s actual angel flavor. Divine.

Anyway, just figured they deserved some thanks after all these years.

Sure hope they get a snazzy watch.

Seriously, Original Surge flavor was the absolute best! Divine is no exaggeration.

Can you imagine if they pulled a McDonald’s and brought it back for a limited time like the McRib or Szechuan sauce?

Or if it became a liquid flavoring option?!

If Biotest could make “Original Surge” a Metabolic Drive flavor, I would do the Velocity Diet indefinitely.

Root Beer Surge

You know how I know this is an old pic, besides the retro bottles? There was (almost) no grey in my beard. Ugh.

Original was good, chocolate was better, root beer was best. Facts are facts. :laughing:

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