TRIBEX Bloodwork Results and Question

After reading Charles Staley’s article 7 Operational Principles for Masters Lifters published on March 4th, 2013, I had some blood work done to figure out what my testosterone levels were.

The doctor said my base T-levels were 222, and my free T-levels were 52. I’m not a doctor or anything, but from reading Staley’s article I knew the number I was looking for should be closer to the 500 he mentioned was the required threshold (at least in AZ).

My doc recommended I use Tribulus to see if we could raise my levels more before using Testosterone injections. I felt a little like he was blowing me off and I might need a new doc, because he conveniently had some Tribulus to sell me. But whatever, I’m a sucker and I bought a jar of his stuff. And my brother, who takes Test injections for TRT, told me it was pretty standard to start off with ‘herbal supplements’ before going to injections.

I started taking it March 15th, the day I got my blood results. It was by Mediherb and was to be taken multiple times daily.

I came home and ordered some TRIBEX to take as soon as the jar from the doc’s office was empty. So, I started TRIBEX on March 29th, and took it 3 days on, 1 day off, 4 days on, 1 day off.

I had more blood work done on May 10th, and just got the results today. My base T-levels were 302, and my free T-levels were 90.

So to recap, using TRIBEX:
Base T-levels up by 80: 222 to 302.
Free T-levels up by 38: 52 to 90.

Now my question. The doc said I should take Tribulus daily. I’m inclined to follow the directions from the label.

What are the drawbacks of switching to Alpha Male, and taking it daily instead of the 3 on/1off, 4on/1 off cycle?

Also, I was thinking of adding Rez-V to the mix. Based on my results so far, should I keep going with supps, or try and find a new doc and get the injections?

And yes, I know I’m asking a supplement manufacturer if I should buy their products or use drugs instead. Like I said, I’m a sucker.

You’ll get an even better result from <a href=""target=“new”>Alpha Male than Tribex, as it contains Tribex plus several other Testosterone-boosting extracts. It’s out most potent, full-spectrum T-booster.

However, we do suggest you stick to the label recommendations and use it for 5 days on, 2 days off, or similar. Since <a href=""target=“new”>Rez-V works via different mechanisms of action, it’s safe to stack with Alpha Male or Tribex.

All that said, we’re certainly not opposed to TRT for those who are medically low in testosterone. Good supplements can get a low-normal or normal person into the mid or high-normal range, but if someone is truly hypogonadal, there’s no reason not to get medical treatment (and we suggest injections, don’t mess with creams or gels.)

What are the units of measurement for the free T, and the reference range for that particular lab?

Free testosterone is measured in different ways and different labs get different numbers. For example, with Labcorp, 20 pg/mL is an excellent figure. Without having the reference range for your lab, the 50 number actually can’t be interpreted.

I’m myself not aware of a drawback of using Alpha Male daily, in terms of necessarily obtaining less results from doing so, but the label cycling method is proven and is given for that reason. Daily use is unnecessary.

If you’d like to experiment, I’d suggest trying the label recommendation first and checking your results after a few weeks, and then if you like try daily use and checking that. But really it will be fine to do as the label says. There is very extensive experience with the product.

Thank you Chris, placing order now.

Bill, I don’t know what the units of measurement for my lab work was. Sorry about that. I appreciate your advice and will heed your recommendation.

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