Tribex and Alpha Male

saikouba asks:

Your two test boosters came across my research, however they have no estrogen blockers. Increases in testosterone in the body is matched by increases in estrogen. What do you recommend for your two test boosters to prevent any undesirable side effects?

Actually, both <a href=""target=“new”>Alpha Male and <a href=""target=“new”>Tribex contain components to control and balance estrogen. Read the product pages linked above.

I love Alpha Male and am starting back up on it. AM and the fatburners all say not take additional stimulants with them.

I have a 2-spike-pill/day habit, and I’m about to start going 1 AM mornings and afternoons on weekdays and off weekends.

Are any of my organs going to explode? Not that that would change my mind…

Alpha Male is not a stimulant and can be used with Spike, if that’s what you mean.

Thanks Shugs, that’s exactly what I meant

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