Travelling Nutrition


Hey Chris,

In July I will be travelling to Spain for a week (my dad and I are running with the bulls). My question is what do you do in an event like that? In a country you’ve never been to before, during a week long festival, no idea when you’ll be able to eat and what it will be, while travelling light? I have Metabolic Drive bars. Maybe I can pack some MAG-10.

Or should I just enjoy the vacation? Thanks!


I’d focus mostly on food, meat and veg, avoiding the obvious bad stuff.

When I was in Thailand I took a bar for every day and enough protein powder (back then it was Grow!) for one shake per day. I packed it in smaller containers rather than the full-sized tub it came in and measured out enough for a shake per day. I figured I was at least covered for one meal and one snack per day that way. Rest of the time I enjoyed the local flavors.