Traveling with Supps


Soon I will be travelling to Dubai and was wondering if it’s kosher to take Brain Candy with me in my checked in luggage? Don’t really fancy being beheaded lol. Does anyone travel to Dubai with Biotest supps and if so what has been your experience?

You know, I thought that was an awfully specific question not likely to get an answer. Turns out, it was actually addressed in this thread from a few years ago. Policies and procedures likely may have changed a bit since, but it might help.

I don’t have first-hand experience flying with supps (ha, definitely not to Dubai), but just be aware that the bottles are 125ml each, so bringing them carry-on wouldn’t be an option, but checking it in your luggage should be fine. Should. You can always contact your airline and try asking them directly.

I travel all the time and have never had an issue. Of course I don’t travel internationally…

I travel through Dubai and Amman and have had supplements seized in both places. Checked luggage should be fine, but, I dont carry them anymore because customs will seize them for their own use. I havent had a problem in several other middle east countries, but, never carry them anymore on board a plane. Bill

Humiliation is a thing never Forgotten—Rebec of Ginaz.

These questions always remind me of that time in the Colorado Springs airport when I walked right through security with a backpack full of pills and powders with no problems, and poor @Chris_Colucci got popped for his extra large tube of toothpaste.

Not sure if you remember it, Chris, but I still laugh about it.

Similar with others, every time I’ve traveled with them in my checked bag it’s been fine, and I’ve also traveled with Plazma, Metablolic Drive and all of my supplements like Indigo-3G, etc., with no problem. I did have a bunch of Brain Candy in my carry on once that was taken because the bottles were too big, so maybe checked baggage to be safe hopefully will be good!

LOL! I had a similar situation. Bag got pulled from the line, opened up, and I had countless bags of white powder (Mag-10) pre measured. The TSA person looks at the bags for 2 seconds, puts them down, and takes out the big bottle of Dr. Bronner’s body wash as the culprit. HA!

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