Trashcan Chili


[center]Trashcan Chili [/center]
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I’ve been avoiding posting a chili recipe, which is weird because it’s a wintertime staple. As you may have seen in the epic <a href=""target=“new”>What Chris Actually Eats thread, chili shows up a lot.

But what you may also notice is that it’s different every time. It might be turkey chili one time, beef chili the next. Heck, it could even be pumpkin chili.
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You see, there’s no one definitive way to make chili. Not good for recipe writers, but great news for eaters. Basically, you can’t screw it up.

So I’m going to do something different here. I’m going to give a rough guidelines for my style of abs-supportive chili making. I wouldn’t call this a recipe, more like a Choose Your Own Adventure culinary tale. (Anyone else read those books as kids?)

What’s Trashcan Chili? It works like this. You know how you end up with half-empty containers in your fridge and pantry? Not enough to make a meal out of it, but too much to throw away without thinking of starving kids in Africa? Well, make chili out of it.
[center]Trashcan Chili: The Rough Guide [/center]
Step 1: Using a cast iron Dutch oven ideally, first brown some meat, leaving it slightly pink. Remove and set aside.

Step 2: Brown onions and peppers, if using.

Step 3: Add tomato paste (3 ounces or so) and any veggies you’ll be using.

Step 4: Add tomato sauce, Rotel, chili powder and spices like cumin.

Step 5: Add anything else you want, then put the meat back in. Drop to a simmer and let it ride for 10 or 20 minutes. If you want it more liquidy, add stock (chicken, beef or veggie).

In the batch shown at the top, the “trash” included:

lima beans
black beans
frozen stir-fry blend of veggies
onions and peppers
salsa verde

I really don’t measure anything. Just toss it in. Simmer, adjust seasonings along the way, and serve.

Anything goes with trashcan chili once you get the base right. Great way to clean out your fridge!

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Diet/Recipe Staples?

I am making trash can chili as i type this right now. So good, can’t go wrong with this stuff!!


So… this over spaghetti squash was awesome tonight. Thanks for the recipe, it really helped me to clear out the fridge and turn it all into something very tasty.