Trap Bar Suggestion? Also, Indigo After V-Diet?


Looking to buy a trap bar, any brand recommendations?

Also can I move straight into the Indigo project after the first four weeks of the V-Diet, or do I need to wait till I get done with the 2 weeks of transition. Underatanding that I will need to retime or cut out Superfood when I start the indigo project. Or have I not done enough reading and just jumping the gun? I feel amazing on the V-Diet and I want more!



TNation may be producing its own trap bar soon. The prototype is the best one I’ve ever used. I’d hang tight for that one myself.

A lot of successful Indigo users came from the V-Diet program. I’d do a week or two of HSM-type eating, just to get used to it again, then hit the Indigo protocol. It will require some major adjustments, but they’re all fun: getting to eat carbs again, etc.

Here’s all the info you need to know before starting Indigo. If you’ve read these, then you’ll be ready for Indigo in a week or two:

Indigo Resources:

Info and Store Page

<a href=""target=“new”>Original Indigo-3G Article

<a href=""target=“new”>What To Expect

<a href=""target=“new”>Basic Carb Guide

<a href=""target=“new”>Things to Avoid While on Indigo-3G

<a href=""target=“new”>Long Term Usage Strategies

<a href=""target=“new”>5 Tips for New Indigo Users


Thanks Chris, Well hurry up, dont make me drive from Denver down to the Springs and get one of those prototypes… :slight_smile: Also I cant seem to pull up the page for the workouts, I have a power rack at home and use barbells for my workouts.

Need to see if there is any equipment I can buy to help conform to the indigo workouts! Oh by the way your tweets are killing me…I almost had to go to Golden Corral and take pics.


Only Indigo users can access the Indigo workouts.

Feel free to jump in the Live Coaching Lab and people there will let you know about equipment needs.