Transitioning Off

Just thought I’d post to encourage people (and brag a little bit :slight_smile: ). I just finished four weeks on the V-Diet last friday. Good news? From 230 down to 212. The better news? Comments from my wife and people at the gym.

This was definitely a hard experience, and transitioning off is harder in some ways. The first week was probably the hardest as my body was adjusting to the change. I felt weak and faint much of the time. However, the last three weeks were mostly mental. Physically I felt much better than when I ate like crap. I had more energy, even if I did get hungryu and lightheeaded occasionally. 

I had to get used to not eating whenever I felt like it though. And I think this is the biggest adjustment. Hunger and cravings are very powerful ( and different experiences). I didn’t realize just how many times I would eat the crust of my kids PB and Fluff sandwiches until I no longer could!

The good thing is that now I can get into rebuilding good habits. The last four weeks has been about breaking them as much as it has been about losing weight. For some reason it also taught me patience with myself. I have to admit that I had a few Doritos and meatballs during the superbowl (hey, I'm from Pittsburgh). I could have said "Oh know. I messed up my transition.

I might as well blow it altogether!" Instead I just restarted that night with a bedtime shake and some fish oil. Instead of punishing myself by not eating (and making abouther mistake) just jump right back on the bandwagon. Probably some of the best advice I ever got from Thib and Berardi.

Anyway, I am just sharing this to encourage anyone halfway through or thinking about starting. Making it to four weeks REALLY breaks those habits and gets some significant results.


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